Best Buy To Be The Year To Open A Second Shop In China, The Soviet Union Country To Make Trip – Best

, Best Buy senior vice president of Best Buy China Chairman Lv Weimin exclusive interview, revealed that Best Buy in Shanghai, China will soon open a second store, but would not disclose the current location of specific stores location and opening details. According to Best Buy insiders within the company is in full swing in preparation for the opening of new stores to be located in Shanghai Puxi, a more vibrant business district within. Industry insiders estimate that Best Buy stores in the second end of the year opened the possibility of greatly. Best Buy, but not a good time in China, it is facing competition from

States United States Suning strong pressure. Early June of this year, Best Buy president and COO of Asia may Ming Yang told reporters that Best Buy planned for next March to open in Shanghai before the two stores. The next 18 months, Best Buy stores in China will reach the total number of 6-8 at home. Ming Yang was admitted to reporters last Friday, Best Buy, although not as Gome, Suning, as every other day or even out a new store every day, but only to open a store in China is impossible, in fact, Best Buy China has a larger store opening program, only to be announced in due course.

Although Best Buy is actively brewing store opening program, but clearly it is in China,

Business Retail Fully competitive market, what has been given no cheaper. On December 28 last year to open a flagship store in Shanghai’s first nearly a year now, but the second store the company has “still holds partly concealed,” the advance in China is still very slow. It is reported that as soon as possible to open a second store, Best Buy has a number of shop owners and the Shanghai talks, progress is not smooth, have had any previous contact with the Pudong Longyang Yaohan stores and shops, the former being Suning “grab “gone, the latter also not see any new progress, and in Best Buy to open a flagship store in Xujiahui, the Gome and Suning also in Xujiahui” settled “their pincer attack started.

As North America’s largest

Consumption Electronic Product provider, Best Buy in the computer,

Digital And other consumer electronics sales have certain advantages, but Gome, Suning not “fuel-efficient lights,” in the current traditional

Home Appliances Products, profits have been modest circumstances, Gome, Suning started “war,” the banks of the consumer electronic products. Dell Computer Distributors Select Country United States as the only retail in China

Cooperation Partner, the passage of U.S. sales

Desktops And Notebook While Suning Electrical Is clearly that we must become

PC Retail champion development goals. Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning Appliance

said: “While Best Buy is the world’s oldest appliance chain, but I believe it shop in China after 16 years has never done, but the experience of Suning in China.” Gome Chairman

Huang Guangyu Also said: “So far, Best Buy, have failed to adjust to our business strategy to deal with, that would be a waste of bullets. It is not our real opponents.”

Industry believes that, given Best Buy has revealed that in China there is a larger store opening program in the next period of time, Best Buy may be the tenacity of proper strength Convention. BOLA TANGKAS