Best Cellulite Treatments to Get Rid of Cellulite Around the Thighs

The business of cellulite is a booming one, bringing in multi-billions every year. This is good news, and bad news for the seventy percent of women with cellulite. It’s good news because it means that there are more companies producing more treatments for cellulite than ever before. The bad news is that alongside many good treatments, are a lot of shams, and sometimes distinguishing between the two is difficult. Here are the top three-cellulite treatments and how well they smooth out skin.

Spa Day

Many spas have been adding cellulite treatments to their menus over the past few years. The two most popular of these are cellulite body wraps, and cellulite massages. To be frank, body wraps do nothing to help reduce the appearance of cellulite and are better used for detoxing or moisturizing the skin.

Cellulite massages, on the other hand, get a mixed review. These are essentially deep tissue massages that aim to break up fat deposits under the skin. While they can produce some unpleasant side effects like bruising and soreness, they’re also effective – somewhat. Many women do report seeing smoother skin after a cellulite massage however these effects are short-term, sometimes lasting no longer than a day.


Hopping on a treadmill, or jumping in the pool can really amp up your metabolism. A consistent cardio workout will result in your body burning off some of the fat that contributes to the cottage-cheese appearance of your skin. Adding in a strength-training regime will intensify these results and give you a sleek, toned body as well.

Cellulite Cream

There are good, quality cellulite creams available that do more than just smell good, they can help repair broken skin connectors and break down fatty deposits as well. The best cellulite creams aren’t necessarily the most expensive ones, and it can take a couple of weeks before you see the full effect, so don’t abandon hope too quickly.

To see the most dramatic appearance change in your cellulite-ridden skin, combine a quality cellulite cream with a steady workout routine. In just a few weeks you’ll start to see a big difference.