Best Diets For Fast Weight Loss – Is it Really What You Want?

We all would like to know what are the best diets for weight loss, so we could finally lose weight successfully and get healthier. People who are overweight or even obese know the potential health problems that can occur, so naturally they try to find easy ways to find the solution to the problem. But as you can see, fast weight loss with the so called “best” diets very rarely works.

Best diets for fast weight loss

– You have surely noticed that there is a big problem with losing weight successfully with diets. It seems that no matter kind of a diet you are using, none of them seem to have no long term effect. Losing weight temporarily can surely be achieved with diets but long-term success, what people really expect and want, is very hard to achieve. There are very good reasons why this is so.

– The human body has developed a lot of very complex defensive mechanism to fight against starvation. When person suddenly starts to eat a lot less calories then before and goes beyond the starvation level, then these defensive mechanisms turn on. For example the the metabolic rate slows down, fat storing hormones and enzymes increase, fat burning hormones and enzymes decrease, food cravings increase etc. What does this mean?

– Most fast weight loss diets, that are supposedly the best require a person to cut calories very low. This is around 800-1200 calories or even less for women and 1500-1800 calories or less for men. So naturally when a person cuts his/her calories for example from 1900 to 1000, then certainly fast weight reduction does occur.

– But the big problem with this kind of weight loss, is that this never lasts. Why? Because for your body starvation and very low calorie diets are the same, so the response is also the same. And all those defensive mechanisms turn on making it impossible to lose weight permanently. So using the “best” diets for fast weight loss is pointless and a big waste of time and energy.