Best Digital SLR Camera Reviews – What to Look For

In just a few short years digital cameras, and especially Digital SLR Cameras, have become standard for most photographers both professional and amateur. If you are in the market for a digital camera, you should first spend some time doing some research and especially reading digital SLR camera reviews. These reviews can give you good side-by-side comparisons of the leading models.

The SLR category of digital cameras tends to be at the higher end of the price scale simply because it is a more sophisticated camera with many more features than the $ 100 – $ 200 digital cameras that you find at department stores. However, don’t assume that just because an SLR model has a lower price (and there are many) that it is not a worthwhile and quality camera.

Some of the things you should look for in a digital SLR camera review are a minimum of 10 cameras being compared side-by-side. The criteria for these comparisons should cover the major features such as memory, weight, accessories, lens choices, and other special features. Most quality reviews will also give some sort of a quantitative rating, whether it be a star rating system or a numeric rating system, to help you compare the different models.

Nikon and Canon have been leaders in the SLR digital camera marketplace for quite some time. They have models in all price ranges from entry-level models for amateur photographers, to very high-end models for professional photographers. It is definitely a case of you get what you pay for, and if you stick with the major brands such as Nikon and Canon, you really can’t go wrong.

A few models worthy of consideration are the Canon Rebel XTi, the Nikon D40, and the Olympus Evolt E510. All of these cameras are an excellent value and all are around the $ 600 price range. While Olympus is not in the same league as Canon or Nikon, they certainly make a fine quality product and their product line is certainly worthy of your consideration.

Lastly, be sure to try out the camera for yourself to see which one feels right. Only you can make that determination.