Best Dog Breeds for Young Children – Your Ultimate Guide

Finally, after much nagging and pulling on your sleeve, you have finally decided to have it their way and give the kids a canine playmate. Aside from providing them with an exciting new playmate, having a dog around can also teach them to grow up into responsible and nature-loving adults. The cause is good, but to achieve this, you have to be careful about the dog breed that you will ultimately take home to your tots. You need to know the best dog breeds young children will love and like to grow up with.

Following are some of the timeless family favorites:

• The Shih-Tzu. The Shih-Tzu is a very outgoing and enthusiastic breed. It has a lithe and sprightly personality that fits children perfectly. Aside from that, they can’t help but be smart, too. Best of all, they are low-maintenance because once they have been trained or used to the rules of the house; you can pretty much leave them alone.

• The Pug. The Pug is probably one of the most congenial breeds. Pugs are also warm and rather demonstrative. They can irksome when the weather is or humid, though. Unlike other toy breeds, pugs are also able to maintain their calm. They are also low-maintenance and require little brushing or exercise.

• The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This breed is one of the best playmates that your child can ever get from the pet shop. Aside from being sprightly, the breed is also affectionate. They don’t have trouble adjusting to the lifestyle of their owners, and can therefore be trained with ease. The disadvantages include high maintenance, which requires regular brushing of its coat, and special attention to the heart, which are known to be the common cause of illness.

• The Border Terrier. This breed is small but packed with so much vigor, which makes them a great companion for the whole family, especially the playful kids. It has a short coat, which means maintenance is on the low end. They are typically dependable as watchdogs, but they may exhibit some of the annoying characteristics of terriers, like digging.

• The Beagle. Beagles are by nature a cheerful breed. They also love being around people and interacting with them, making them the perfect canine companion for the entire family. Training beagles could be a challenge though. They are primarily scent hounds-a characteristic that may become destructive during training. So be prepared to restrain a beagle the moment it picks up a familiar scent because it will likely shut down and pursue the scent to the end.

• The Staffordshire Bull Terrier. This breed is characterized by a good, muscular build, which gives it the energy that it is most famous for. While they can be very active, Staffordshire bull terriers can be patient and loving around children, and has been known to be a loyal canine companion for the family. They are a smart and brave breed, and as such, can be rather confrontational or aggressive around other dogs.