Best Eastern Restaurants In New York City

New York City is a magic world filled with astounding collection of hotels, restaurants, plazas, shopping malls, incredible clubs and amazing sights! New York City is one place on the planet where you can taste & smell every flavor of food-be it Italian, French, contemporary, Egyptian or the best Eastern tastes.
New York City is a blend of races and cultural mix. Here you find the best eastern restaurants with top quality and exotic tastes. List of some of the most charming and incredible eastern New York City restaurants are listed below!
Ariana [787 9th Avenue-New York, NY 1001]
Best Afghan kebab houses in New York City; Ariana offers variety of delicious eastern menu including a few vegetarian curries.
Horus Caf [308 East 6th Street-New York, NY 10003]
With fairy like Eastern dcor ,this NYC restaurant offers food cooked over seasoned wood chips and a unique taste Some of its special dishes include seared sirloin steak , a seafood combo of grilled jumbo shrimp, salmon and calamari with additives as grilled veggies, an Egyptian salad, rice or fries.
Cafe Mogador [101 Street Marks Pl-New York, NY 10009-(212) 677-2226]
This is favorite spot for graduates and French expats! Here some of the yummiest offerings include olives, tagline drippings with piles of couscous, falafels, babaganoush, kebabs, and a hummus that is beloved by regulars.
Shalezeh [1420 3rd Avenue-New York, NY 10028-(212) 288-0012]
In this New York City eastern classic, the menu features traditional fare as lamb and beef kebabs, sweet and sour stews, eggplant appetizers, yogurt spreads, and Persian salads. Apart from these new Shalezah additions include tasty ash-e-reshteh, cocktails like pomegranate martinis and mojitos.

Rectangles [1431 1st Avenue-New York, NY 10021-(212) 744-7470]
It is the best New York City site where the servings are the best taste of traditional Jewish cuisines.
Other popular eastern cuisines in New York City that offer traditional and addictive foods are:
Le Souk Inc [Moroccan], Cafe Mogador[Moroccan], Hummus Place[ Vegetarian], Taboon, Bamiyan [Afghan Restaurant ] and Pita Grill II Inc, Salam Restaurant[African] .