Best Facial Cream For Dry Skin Must Contain These Key Ingredients

Have you been having trouble finding a facial cream for dry skin that is effective? It really doesn’t surprise me if you have, because you are just one of millions of people that are discovering that most cosmetics formulas give less than satisfactory results. The reason that so many skin care formulas out their fail to live up to your expectations is because the ingredients that go into them are not what is necessary for healing the skin.

95% or more of the skin care products on the market are comprised almost solely of chemical agents, and these compounds are not what your skin needs. The cosmetics companies literally use thousands of different chemical agents in the development of their products. There are several thousand alone that are in formulas just for the purpose of creating fragrances.

The chemical agents found in face cream for dry skin not only don’t provide you with any of the antioxidants or essential nutrients your skin craves, but they are also often irritating to the skin. Dermatologists report that the number one reason behind most of the allergic skin reactions they treat each year is the chemicals found in cosmetics formulas. Some of the commonly used chemicals have also been linked to cancer.

The formulas that you use on your skin need to be totally chemical free not only for your safety, but to guarantee your success in achieving your goals. Compounds derived from plants are strikingly similar to your own oil, which allows them to moisturize more effectively, and penetrate more deeply. They are also rich in the vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids your skin thrives on.

An effective all natural face cream for dry skin will feature ingredients like Maracuja passion fruit extract, and Jojoba.  These compounds help to keep the balance of moisture in your skin perfectly balanced by adjusting your sebum production to the amount of moisture that is present in your skin. Babassu wax helps to hold in moisture by forming a thin barrier in the skin, which keeps the moisture from escaping.

The antioxidants provided by these nutrient rich compounds in your facial cream for dry skin will repair the oxidative damage that has caused your skin to wrinkle. So, not only will plant based compounds moisturize your skin better than any other ingredient available, but they will keep you younger looking as well.