Best Felon Jobs You May Already Qualify For These Felony Jobs

Felon jobs have never been easy to find and it is even more difficult now. The national average unemployment rate in the US was 9.5% in July 2010. This means that felon jobs are now more competitive than ever. Unlike a few years ago when there were plenty of jobs available, now there will be a lot of competition for all types of felon jobs.

Felony Friendly Jobs: Before You Apply

* Expungement and background checks – before you start looking for felon jobs, you should look into expungement. If you can get your felony expunged or removed from your record then finding felon jobs will be much easier.

If that is not possible then check what information will turn up when someone does a background check on you. This information is what you will have to explain during the job interviews.

* Resume – you don’t need to mention your felony on your resume when you apply for felon jobs. Wait until you get a interview before you discuss it with a potential employer.

* Business wear – felony jobs are pretty hard to find so when you apply for one you need to wear whatever is suitable for the job. Some felon jobs call for good quality suits while other felon jobs only need business casual wear. Business casual doesn’t mean jeans and a T-shirt. You should wear a collared shirt and slacks or khakis for men and a blouse or sweater with a skirt or slacks for women.

* Interviews – before you go for an interview, try to practice your answers in front of a mirror. Learn the best way to discuss your felony. Find a way to explain it as calmly and briefly as you can. Express your regret and your desire for a second chance.

Felony friendly jobs, just like any other kind of job, will go to the person that the employer feels is the one that is best suited for the position so you need to frame your answers in a way that also emphasizes your relevant skills. Explain how you would be an asset to your employer if you were hired.

How to Find the Best Jobs for Felons:

Nowadays the internet is a good source of thousands of local job listings so do an online search for employment for felons. There may be some government programs or non-profit organizations that have been set up to help ex-convicts. Try asking your parole officer or the state employment office about what resources are available to help you find companies that hire felons.

However, the best advice anyone can give you is to network. That is really the most effective way to find companies that hire felons. Write down everyone whom you think may be able to help you. Call them up but don’t ask them to give you a job. Instead, ask them if they are willing to give advice, assistance, referrals or recommendations to help you in your search for felony jobs.

Hopefully some people will agree to help and you can fax or email them your resume along with a nice cover letter thanking them for their assistance. In the letter, give them a short description of the type of employment for felons that you want.

Felon jobs are really not that easy to get. If you do get one, even if it is not very high-paying or exciting, try to work hard and make a good impression. Later on when you want to look for better felon jobs, your boss will give you a recommendation. It’s very likely that as an ex-felon you will have to start at the bottom of the career ladder but if you work at it then you will be able to find better felon jobs in the future. BOLA TANGKAS