Best Food Sources of Antioxidants – Top 10 Sources of Antioxidants Good For Your Health

Antioxidants play a key role in one’s health. Their presence in the body determines the ability of the immune system to fight bacteria that cause diseases. Antioxidants are substances that suppress oxidation and give protection to the body against the harmful consequences of free radicals. These antioxidants can be derived from foods and drinks. Common sources are fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

The USDA conducted a study on foods that are rich in antioxidants. The following are the top ten that made it to the list.

1. Small red beans – Common beans contain cholesterol-reducing fiber. The same high-fiber content inhibits the blood sugar level from increasing speedily after a meal.

2. Wild blueberries – The antioxidants (such as vitamins C and E) present in blueberries are thought to aid in battling the damages initiated by free radicals. The also fight against diseases related with aging process. Anthocyanin, the compound also found in blueberries, gives neuro-protection and anti-inflammatory properties when taken.

3. Red kidney beans – Also known as red beans, they have the highest amount of antioxidants. They are also an excellent source of fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals.

4. Cranberries – Phenols can be found richly in cranberries. A good source of antioxidants that lower the risks in incurring cardiovascular diseases and certain cancers, cranberries are among the foods highly recommended for the health.

5. Artichokes – Artichokes are a superb source of magnesium, chromium, manganese, fiber, vitamins A, vitamin C, folic acid, biotin, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, potassium, and carbohydrate in insulin. They are good for diabetic patients.

6. Blackberries – A rich source of antioxidants, blackberries combat free radicals and preclude the onslaught of cancer. They are rich in tannin which is efficient in treating minor bleeding and tissue tightening.

7. Prunes – Prunes are dried plums abundant in minerals and phenols and high in ORAC value. They are good for the health and a good source of anti-aging substances.

8. Raspberries – These are an excellent source of ellagic acid, a type of phenol that fights off carcinogenic traits. They are also a significant source of anthocyanins which are good in slowing down aging, keeping good health, and combating diseases.

9. Strawberries – By eating strawberries, one may enjoy several health advantages. Strawberries are:
i. Good for the liver
ii. Good for gout
iii. Effective for rheumatism
iv. Effective for constipation
v. Good for blood pressure
vi. Important for skin cancer

10. Red apples – The anthocyanin in red apples makes them an excellent choice in fighting off the signs of aging (such as wrinkles) and diseases such as breast cancer and heart problems.

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