Best Golf GPS: Outplay the Competition

The best golf GPS system can easily give a golfer an edge in the course. It eliminates the need for guesswork when one uses a golf GPS system. There are many different golf GPS systems ranging from the basic ones to the more advanced.

There are a lot of golf GPS manufacturers that continue to design new systems. More high-tech golf GPS units have colored touchscreens and can provide a 3D view of the course.

Advanced features

Tech or non-tech players can benefit from using the best golf GPS system. Although certain features are not allowed for tournament play, they can still be used for practice or when one plays with friends. More advanced models will include measurements of the wind speed, gradient and temperature.

A middle-of-the-road unit can include an editing function. Users can even map their own course using it. For better course management, easily change waypoints to layups. Know the lay of the course prior to even playing with the help of downloaded courses.

Game statistics can also be recorded by some advanced units. A golfer can plug it into the computer to assess one’s performance on the course.

Back to basics

Having the best golf GPS system is like owning a personal PGA-certified caddy. It will give accurate measurements of the distance within one to five yards.

There are actually applications that can be downloaded on one’s PDA or mobile phone. Nevertheless, these cannot beat the performance of a standalone unit built for playing golf.

The most basic golf GPS systems will give an accurate measurement of the distances to the front, center and back of the green. Some people just need that information in order to play.

Improve one’s strategy

Knowing the actual distance between the golfer and a certain point in the course can really help. The measurement allows them to estimate how strong they have to putt. Consequently, they can estimate how far they have to get the ball to in order to play according to the par.

Golf is after all, a precision sport. Knowing exact measurements of speed, distance and other factors is extremely important. As mentioned above, more advanced models will definitely provide more features. It is up to the golfer to decide what the best golf GPS system is for them.

Through this information, anyone can plan and change their plan for good course management. The best golf GPS system should allow an individual to improve their game.