Best Heartburn Diet – 3 Easy Steps to Relief

Do you have chronic heartburn? Are you looking for the best heartburn diet to relieve the horrible symptoms you suffer? Here is the best heartburn diet available and will relieve your symptoms once and for all.

Here are 3 easy steps that will put you on the path to relief immediately:

1. Understand the Cause of Heartburn

In order to treat your heartburn, you have to first understand what is causing your heartburn. Heartburn is cause when partially digested food fails to complete the digestion process and just sits in your stomach. This occurs when there is not sufficient stomach acid of the proper sort available to digest the food you have eaten.

You see, not all stomach acid is the same. You body will produce acid to digest the different types of food you eat. Proteins need one type acid to digest properly, while carbohydrates need another type altogether. And unfortunately, the acid that digests protein neutralizes the acid that digests carbohydrates.

2. Find What Will Stop Heartburn

The conventional therapy is the little purple pill your doctor will prescribe. This pill works by making your body produce less acid. And while it will make your heartburn hurt less, it doesn’t take care of the other problem, which is the undigested food you have in your stomach. And the purple pill doesn’t cure anything; it only treats the acid problem, and only then when you take it.

3. Stop Your Heartburn

You don’t need less acid in your stomach – you have all this food to digest. What you need is the right acid in your stomach to digest the food and get it into your intestines where the nutrients can be absorbed. The faster your food is digested, the more nutrients you will absorb from that food. By combining our food properly, we digest our food quickly and don’t suffer from heartburn.