Best Insomnia Treatment – How Can You Cure, Your Sleep Disorder

The best Insomnia treatment in my opinion is one which involves minimal or no use at all of medication. Using medication to cure your sleep disorder problem is not the way to go to especially on a long term basis. Yes medication can help for short periods of time, but long term use is not recommended by physicians as you may become dependent on them or start inheriting side effects.

Before I go any further, have you ever heard the phrase ‘it’s not the quantity, but the quality’? This most definitely applies to your sleep. If you are able to have a deep sleep for 4 hours as opposed to a light sleep for 7-8 hours, your 4 hours sleep believe it or not will be more refreshing than the 7-8 hours. Do keep this thought in mind.

There are ways to naturally cure your sleep disorder, whether it is acute or chronic Insomnia. For example, have you heard about brainwave entrainment? Brainwave entrainment works by aligning your brainwave frequency to fall in step with a periodic sound stimulus. In a nutshell the music which has no words, or suggestions at all, guides your brain to sleep and allows you to stay asleep. The good thing about this method of treating your sleeping disorder is that you do not develop any dependency to them and there are of course no side effects like sleeping medication have.

Many people have found meditation and hypnosis as the best insomnia treatment. Meditation can certainly help you alleviate stress and anxiety and bring calm to your mind, which in turn allows you to sleep. The more relaxed you feel, the more easier it will be to sleep. Many of us take on the daily stress of life, but do nothing about it. We keep accumulating stress and anxieties. We don’t do the right things to relax and let go. Meditation can lead to a deeper level of relaxation and contemplation. Meditation increases your level of serotonin which helps positively change your mood and behavior. Low levels of serotonin are associated with insomnia, headaches and depression.