Best Italian restaurants of New York City

You want to party, rock and enjoy the best of food there is no best place than New York City. Italian food lovers can enjoy the most classic and traditional Italian dishes in the huge number of Italian restaurants in New York City. Enjoy the finest territorial antipasti, pasta dishes, and original Italian wine from the North and South of Italy when partying in New York City.

Convivio  has brought the Tudor City spot to new heights in New York City. Convivio focuses more on southern Italian dishes, serving tasty country bread with chicken-liver mousse and addictive famous pastas. They charge $ 25 per main course and four-course prix at $ 62.

One of the best four-star places in New York City, Del Posto is elegant and lavish. It is perhaps tone of the most refined, sophisticated and eloquent Italian hotel of NYC with prices that are slightly higher than that of its competitors. The star dishes of this place include hunks of lamb, veal and pitch-perfect risotto an exotic wine list.

Al di là located at Park Slope is one of the most crowded Italian food spot of New York City. It serves excellent Italian menu with exotic tastes yet all at reasonable and affordable prices. The braised rabbit with black olives, pastas as the homemade tagliatelle al ragù of this house are unmatched in their taste throughout New York City!

Falai  is one exceptional Italian hotel of New York City that exceeds its mere Italian cuisine. Its stylish outlook, elegant and original Italian façade with modern and chic seating make the entire place a must dine out experience! Its most tempting and most popular dishes include a downy cod appetizer with curry emulsion and ginger mayo sauces.

Felidia is another marvelous Italian dine out spot of New York City, perfect for romantic souls with bold colors, sweet background music and fresh sizzling Italian menu! Enjoy traditional lemony grilled octopus with potato, chives and black-olive sauce with a wide selection of more than 1,400 bottles of wine.

Other fabulous Italian restaurants of New York City include rocking places as Il Buco, Peasant, Sandro’s, Scarpetta and Sorella.