Best Judaica And Jewish Gifts For Children!

If you talk about Judaica gifts or Jewsih gifts with someone, the first thought that comes up in their mind is the silver menorahs, Seder plates, books and Kiddush cups. It is without any doubt to state that these gifts fall under the category of Judaica gifts, but there are many other gifts, which are tailored specifically for the enjoyment and entertainment of lovely children. Toys and books are good ways to ignite excitement and interest about the Jewish religion amongst these kids.

Kids and children can enhance their enjoyment experience by learning much more about the Judaism by using these Judaic Jewish gifts. For instance the Aleph Bet’s cool magnetic board & letters are a very good way to learn about the Jewish alphabets and writing style. Plastic dinner sets manufactured by various firms for different occasions like Passover, Rosh Hashana, & Shabbat meals familiarize children with the aspect of Judaism and the traditions of Jews of celebrating these days.

Of the Jewish gifts that can be presented to the children are various Judaism related books, music, and movies to keep children abreast with the basic knowledge of Judaism. Books like Rabbi Mordecai Plaut’s “6 Constant Mitzvos – A Young Child’s Guide to Faith and Belief,” and “A First Book of Jewish Bible Stories” written by Julie Downing are excellent and fun learning resources for the kids to learn more about their religion by celebrating these Judaic gifts. The true meaning of Judaism needs to be hammered down since childhood in order to feel what it is like to be a Jews. The books mentioned above contain beautiful mesmerizing stories for the children that help them understand better about the Jewish faith.

Mentioned above were various books and reading material for youngs learning of Judaism. Another learning aspect of Judaism for these children is the music that can be enjoyed in different situations to help the children enjoy more about Judaism. Music is a big gift of Judaica store that helps these kids, toddlers and the young children to help familiarize more about Judaism. The 613 Torah Avenue musical series has mesmerized with the beauty and chant of its music, the ears of adults and children alike. Every part of the series is centered on the main character Chaim who narrates the story in different ways to mesmerize the listeners. Folk, modern and traditional music all are blended in the famous 613 Torah Avenue. What other way of listening music to enjoy Judaism?

The Agent Emes episodes are loved by children and kids of all ages. The main character is on a journey of exploring the basic and fundamental Jewish concepts. Sabbath Day, Pass over meals and much more days celebrated in the Jewish history are shown in a very exciting ways for children to learn about their religion. You can easily buy handmade painted toys and sketches of the favorite and popular Jewish characters in various movies at the Judaic Jewish gifts stores. The Judaica contains all of the above mentioned Jewish items as a precious collection of gifts just for the excitement of children. BOLA TANGKAS