Best Kindle 2 Alternative – Sony PRS-505 is the Best Kindle Alternative

If you are looking for an alternative to the expensive and popular Kindle 2 or Kindle DX reader, look no further. The Sony PRS-505 is a great Kindle alternative. It is easy to set up and use, the screen is simply amazing, and you have access to so many free books it is ridiculous. There are a lot cool and unique features that the Sony PRS-505 has that no other ebook reader does.

Lets talk about the book selection that the Sony PRS-505 has compared to that of the Kindle family. Strictly comparing the Sony store and the Amazon store is unfair. The amazon store does have a wider selection but prices can often be cheaper at the sony store. Since the Sony can read a wider range of formats, there are actually more books available. Google alone has over 500,000 FREE titles that can be downloaded to your Sony. Anything published before 1928 is considered a classic and is therefore free and can probably be found on Google. Although the Sony lacks wireless capability it is still easy to use and transfer books from your computer to the device. You can transfer about 12 books in a two minute span. So make sure you fill up before long trips. The Kindle network doesn’t even work outside cell phone coverage, so if you live in a rural area or outside the United States, the Sony PRS-505 is a great choice.

The Sony readers can be be bought at most electronic stores, so go in a pick one up and see how it feels in your hands.(Kindle’s are only available online). The Sony feels very solid in your hands if you have the cover on, it may feel a little light without it. You will find reading on the device is easier than regular old books. You don’t have to fumble trying to fight the spine and hold open the book. The screen is amazing! You really forget you are reading an electronic copy. Say goodbye to the eye strain that comes along with other electronic devices.

The Sony PRS-505 is a viable alternative to the trendy and expensive Kindle 2. With the ability to access thousands of free books and read several text formats the PRS-505 makes for an outstanding ebook reader that is sure not to disappoint.