Best Medicine for Piles

Many people suffer from piles that occur because of swelling of the tissues with blood vessels in the particular areas of the anal. Piles are painful and result in redness, bleeding, irritation, headaches, anus discharge and anemia too. Piles are usually found in the external portion of the anus or in its inner portion too. Known as haemorrhoids; piles are often found underneath the anus and rectum. They lead to enlargement and irritation of the veins during the movements of the bowel. Piles may be classified into two types, i.e. the Bleeding Piles and Dry Piles. People take different medicines for treatment of piles. The allopathic medications often result in adverse effects because of certain harmful components.

Ayurveda System of Medicine recommends certain herbal medicines and preventive steps for treatment of piles with a focus on the human health that is saved from any side effects with these apt treatments.

Dietary changes – Persons suffering from piles should take foods that are rich in fiber, i.e. old rice, wheat, goat’s milk and brinjal etc. Fast or spicy foods should be avoided. Isobgol husk is much useful for pile problems. Do take buttermilk with honey on regular basis. Mint, sweet lime, honey and ginger are too good for the persons that suffer from piles. Cumin powder mixed with water also works wonders. Onion juice also provides amazing results. Neem and basil leaves are also quite effective for piles. Taking anjeer in a regular manner is also much helpful for this problem.

Water – Sufficient intake of water is a must for the patients. This is considered as the best medicine for piles treatment.

Sitting on hard surface or horse riding for prolonged hours should be avoided.

Physical activities – Getting engaged in physical activities, exercise and yogas is also much useful for the patients.

Applying enema water prepared with wheat grass and neem leaves is much helpful for pile problems.

Application of baking soda or sesame oil on the swollen region provides quick relief from this ailment.

The best Ayurvedic medicine for piles includes Triphalachurna, Abhayarista, Arsha Harivati, Arshonyt tablet, Arshoghnivati tablet, Kankayan Vati and Kasisadi Tailam etc that provide instant relief from piles.

Ayurveda recommends Kshara Sutra Ligation and Angikarma excision for the patients of piles. These are much effective for removal of pile masses. This is a permanent solution for the problem.

Taking Divya Arshkalp Vati is also one of the best Ramdev Medcines. It is much useful for instant relief from painful sensations because of piles.
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