Find out how a struggling father and family man started with nothing but $ 200 dollars and learned to generate millions.

John has driven a semi truck, washed windows has worked as a janitor, worked as a construction worker and had many more handy jobs.

John Haritos is making millions of dollars quick and easy… Find out how he did it! This is such an amazing life everyone should live…
There are people out there who have started with nothing. It is not hype. They’re sincere, they’re real, and they are not taking advantage. Rather, they are adding real value, and they are making a difference.

Any translation expenses are borne by the Business partner. I agree to provide you with digital information (and if needed a one by one coaching) of all too our advantage of success.

Additional, I will:

-Promote you to explore the business in your region incl. your web site, blog, and mailings
-Make up with personal appearances for your market at no fee.
-Provide you with any corrections and amendments that we discover which should update or alter any materials covered in this agreement
-Provide a video testimonial on your web site
-Use my global marketing platform to help you develop business, attract talent, and gain publicity in your market
-Grant you with additional Information to drive your Business to the top
-Invite you attend as a participant any scheduled workshop or event at no charge to learn and understand the method of success
-Train you and two other people in the conduct of the workshops, in marketing techniques and in all matters related to selling and services, at times of mutual choosing, in the U.S.

You will:
-Always honor my work all materials
-Never add, alter, or otherwise amend my intellectual property without my express written permission
-Not extend, sell, or convey this agreement to any other party without express approval and compensation provided to me

My goal is to create as many independent success stories as I can!
I am committed making a difference!

Success Stories – This Could Be You!

I am very happy
Keep up the good work John, after nearly 8 years of putting up with my Job, jerks and crap, your entire system is like a breath of fresh air, it is consistently stimulating, entertaining, educational and above all, effective! I was very impressed.
Jayden B. Chicago ILL.

In a good month; I would say probably $ 127,000 is a good month. And it’s been like that for a while now. It’s pretty nice not to have to worry about money. Many thanks
Zara E. New York

In a good month I would say that John’s booklets are, or should I say his short Cuts make me have anywhere from a low of $ 60,000 to a high of $ 73,000 per month.

How can I thank you?
Look at how much you can make in a single month. I must have generated over $ 16,000 from just one business in just one concept of Ineed-money. It’s incredible now to sit here and write about the explosion of making money! And that’s not all. Not only do you see it start exploding, but you see opportunity everywhere.

I have never looked for money online!
Would like to say thank you! I probably would never have all these ideas and would never got started. I am very happy and I am making near $ 20,000 each month! Keep up the great work John and team Thanks again! I am very impressed!
Harrison P., Buffalo, NY

I have reached my goal
I don’t think about it, but it’s always there. You have changed my life and my goals. This is truly a breakthrough for me personally. I have achieved 100% higher financial goal in a shorter time frame than I have ever thought is possible before.

Hello John,
I was broke, always looking out for a Great Job, was working on daily base for companies of 2 days here 4 day there and so on taking me nowhere. I had to accept a daily income of 40 to 50 dollars; I needed traveling money to keep me on board. I support a family of four and a dog; we had a hard time getting by. Then a friend told me about your website, at first I was unsure if I could use it to really make money simply by following your instructions. But I did it anyway. What happened next will not only benefit me, but at least 4 other people who work with me. I was literally handed making thousands of dollars daily. My income now is over $ 100,000 per month and that was just the beginning.
Thank you very much for all
Ethan B., Alabama

I am having lots of fun
Getting involved with you John and Ineed-money was the best investment I have ever made in my live. My results; my gross income is between $ 18 and $ 31 thousand a month. My previous Job had some things that were great, but honestly to compare would be like comparing day with night. Today I am in charge and I am doing what I want to do and how I want to do it, I really am my own boss. My time really belongs to me. I really have all I need and lots of fun! I have a deep sense of gratitude. Thank you!
Aaron D.

I am amazed, is just not capturing the true feeling and awe that I feel toward the turnaround in my opportunities. I have to say that making money seems easy now, when before I think I had cash repellant scaring it all away.
Thank you

I already had and have successful businesses. But Ineed-money helps to make money quick and easy it increased the effectiveness of my work and has given me many perspectives. All is worth 100 times what I’ve paid for it!
Rosie M., Chicago IL. BOLA TANGKAS