Best Muscle Building Products – How to Choose the Best Muscle Building Supplement For You

Best Muscle Building Products

It is probably safe to say that there is no shortage of selection when it comes to sports nutrition supplements. Everyone has the next best product promising to get you big and ripped, quick. To tell you the truth it is a little overwhelming to say the least. How do I know I am getting a product that actually works? How do I know the company I am buying products from is a reputable, honest company? Is the product safe? Is the product science supported or just hyped up by celebrity spokespersons? Best Muscle Building Products

With questions like these it is normal to have a healthy level of skepticism when it comes down to finalizing the purchase, lucky for you I have a few fail safe techniques that I use that will help you feel more confident in your purchase decision. Over the next few paragraphs I will address the best solution to the above mentioned questions and then I will share a few products I have had great success with and feel confident about recommending to you as they have great customer service, prompt delivery, excellent guarantees, and products that deliver great muscle building results.

How do you know you are getting a product that actually works? This question is quite intimidating to those of use who don’t have a biotechnical degree or some sort of PhD, which I am assuming you don’t, right? Here is the first order of business. Companies who have legitimate products will list an ingredients page on their website, if they don’t, get out of there and do not buy! Those that do print the page or write down the ingredients then type each ingredient individually into your search engine of choice to find scientific studies or clinically documented tests on each ingredient. This research should take care of addressing and answering three of the four mentioned questions and is worth the time. This should take about 30-45 minutes and you should be able to find clinically documented studies supporting each ingredient as well as a recommended dose for each ingredient to meet its maximum effectiveness.

If the claims the company are making about their product follow suit with your research chances are the product will work as stated. Also most muscle building complexes are in a proprietary blend, this is usually done to protect patent rights easier but doesn’t give exact amounts of each ingredient instead gives total of all ingredients in the proprietary blend. One quick way to see if you are getting a “fluffed product”, one that shows it has many ingredients, but only consists of very low doses of each therefore making the product appear it has great value but in reality has very little effective quality. Take your recommended dose of each ingredient from your research and add them all up, if the amount in the product is relatively close to the amount you tallied then the product is dosed correctly and thus will be effective. Ex: XYZ proprietary blend contains: Best Muscle Building Products

Recommended daily dose (4) capsules 400mg per (4) capsules

Your research:
A: 70mg
B: 110mg
C: 90mg
D: 150mg
Total all 420mg

420mg to 400mg is a good match and most likely means the product is not fluffed.

How do you know a company is reputable and honest? A few simple credibility indicators that I look as is:
1. Does the company offer a guarantee or return policy?
2. Do they have a contact phone number and or corporate address listed on website?
3. Are they only offering free trials?
4. Do they have any credibility indicators?

If the company offers a 30-day money-back or satisfaction guarantee this usually indicates the company is confident in their product. If the guarantee is to good to be true, like double your money back or 120% guarantee, it probably has a lot of fine print disclosures so beware and read fine print carefully.

If the company is willing to disclose a permanent address or contact phone number it most likely means they are in it for the long haul not just a fly by night get rich scheme, if all they offer is an email or contact form chances are customer service will be lousy and dealing with these companies will be difficult.

Does the company offer a single time purchase or just a free trial? The companies I have had the best success with offer either single or multiple bottle purchases with quality or satisfaction guarantees on all full priced offers as well as the option to purchase a 30-day trial at a minimal five to ten dollar purchase price. The companies who only offer free trials and charge one or two dollar shipping charges have a lot of fine print to read through. I feel more secure with a company who offers me the option of buying a single time purchase rather than being forced into the trial as my only means of purchase.

Has this companies products been featured on television, large print magazines or network news stations, if so they will usually post the logos of these companies on their websites to bring awareness to their credibility. Also look for SSL certificates and Secure payment gateway icons on the order form. If these are present the company is most likely honest and taking all the means necessary to keep your personal information secure, it also indicates that the product has sparked some interest from the media.

I hope I have helped you become a more educated shopper of nutritional supplements and wish you the best of luck on your muscle building success. View the attached website to find out more about my recommended company and product of choice. Best Muscle Building Products