Best Of Mumbai – Restaurants And Nightclubs

Mumbai, the city of high spirits and dreams, is attracted by the charm of glamour world. Being the base of Bollywood, Mumbai becomes one of the favourite destinations. People in Mumbai party in full swing, this makes its nightlife worth experiencing. With an increasing number of visitors everyday, the restaurant in Mumbai provides warm greetings to their guest.

The restaurant Mumbai comprises some well established eateries running in all prime locations of Mumbai. This cosmopolitan city has plenty to offer to localities and travellers. The characteristic Maharashtrian dishes are worth tasting that give the feel of authentic Indian dishes. Being near to the sea, host of seafood dishes are served in the sub-urban restaurant in Mumbai. In the menu of street food, bhelpuri, pav bhaji and panipuri are most popular among the locals. These street food delicacies are also served in certain restaurant Mumbai in a more hygienic manner. In every location, one is sure to come across a food joint, restaurant or a cafe.

Mumbai is lighted up throughout the night as almost every club, pub or discotheque is full on weekends. By seeing the liveliness, hustle bustle, traffic and crowd, it is hard to believe that the night is over. For regular party people, the night clubs in Mumbai are the lifeline. The heart-throbbing music, eminent DJ’s and advanced music systems set the night on fire in nightclubs Mumbai. Apart from this, nightclubs Mumbai are frequented to see any of the celebrity. In the famous discotheque, bars and lounges, it is a common sight to have a celebrity dancing next to one.

Most of the nightclubs Mumbai have something unique to offer in terms of happy hours, themes, gifts and activities. People go crazy dancing all night with consistent energy and dance levels. There are certain nightclubs that play soft music, and provide beverages and special cuisines. Heavy jazz music is not the cup of tea for everyone and hence, such places see a rush of people at night. Night out destinations with different budgets and themes are widespread in Mumbai. The restaurants and nightclubs of the city welcome its tourists equally as its beaches. BOLA TANGKAS