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Which his the most interesting thing in the world? Which is the thing that provides you entertainment all the time? Which is the thing present with us all the time in our good and bad days? Which is the thing always with us at home, in office, in hotels, restaurants, bars, discos, in cars and even while walking. Yes this is music and when it comes to the hip hop rap music then the beauty of it increases more and more.

This provides you with the best music collections you have ever heard. Everybody just loves to dance on the hip hop rap music. This hip hop music comes from American and African urban music. Youth from these areas are more linked with this rap music. The stylistic elements present in this hip hop are, D-Jing rapping, sampling, beat-boxing and scratching. This hip hop music is mainly influenced by disco. You will get all types of music available here at hiphopblog. Various mix taps are also available on this blog.

People love to play music and enjoy many events in life with it. Rap music videos are also more popular. Rapping is when the words are spoken continuously with the rhyming lyrics. Rapping mostly comes under hip hop music. It is actually delivered with the help of music beats. Flow of this music mostly depends on the rhythms and rhymes. This rapping can be a part of speech, prose, poetry or song. Such rap music videos are also available on this blog.

You can enjoy latest news updates on Hip Hop News tab. Here you will get all announcements done by singers, rappers, musicians, actors, directors, DJ’s and many big persons. You will also come to know about the present rumors, views and all activities of them. With the help of this facility you can always remain updated with the new things happening in the Hollywood and world. Hiphop Gossip share all the personal or private talks and rumors about your favorite persons in this hip hop area. You can get here some sensational news about your loved ones. will provide you with all the information about hip hop. It is the type of media which directly interact with the people and their members through gossips, news, columns, videos, and music. It’s very simple to use this hiphopblog. As this network grows, it becomes more interactive and holds the attention of the people to it. The special features of this blog are mini feed, live feed, wire feed, live cam, mixp3. If you are interested then you can registered to it and enjoy the benefits for lifetime. This is blog where you can get everything about hip hop to enjoy.

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