Best places in NYC to celebrate birthdays!

The best place to celebrate and party for any occasion is of course none other than New York City. You can celebrate doing a lot of crazy things- thousands of restaurants to eat and cherish the lovely moments. Go take a tour of all the exciting places of New York City, go riding, biking or dine at one of its restaurants—New York City is the perfect place to do it all.

Below are some of the most interesting ways to celebrate birthdays in New York City.

Visit the famous and inspiring The Hall of Science in Flushing Meadows Park of New York City and create memories that your child will cherish forever. Here you can choose from 8 different birthday party themes all vary on the age of the child. You can take away food and enjoy catering services with a bonus of adult food for free.

Mars 2112 is another wonderful place in New York City to celebrate birthdays! Located in the middle of Times Square, you can party with a crowd of 20-1000 guests. Here boarding a “space ship” and arriving on Mars in the year 2112, is an exceptionally exciting and a wonderful experience.

For children who are exuberant try out the premier play-center of New York City – the Playrobics. Enjoy free pizza and drinks for the kids with steaming cups of coffee and tea for the adults. Roam is one of the most enjoyable bars in New York City when it comes to talk about birthdays!

Quo is the best place to celebrate your birthday whole night partying and dancing with friends! Try out Katra at 217 Bowery to enjoy a mixture of elegant, sleek and expensive style with exotic cocktails. Best option to have a relaxing and most fulfilling day out on your birthday is to go visit this unique place in New York City—The New York City Transit Museum!  What about taking a day celebrating, picnicking and sporting in fabulous parks of New York City such as Central Park Carousel?

Other options to rock n roll on your birthday in New York City could be countless from dance clubs, caters, museums, landmarks to hip hop restaurants or still better go shopping the outclass stores all around New York City.