Best Plasma Cutting Machines In India

The best plasma cutting machines in India can be hunted down online. Search on any search engine for cutting machines in India and select from a list of options to youre your particular requirements and prerequisites. Need of such machines is growing in the industrial market and since India is thriving at such mind boggling rate in every field, it is natural that the best companies will fill the market need for machinery that can save you cost as well as man power while also doing the job more efficiently and with precision.

Plasma, which is basically the fourth state of matter, is an ionized gas that conducts electricity. Plasma can be created, by adding energy to any electrically neutral gas. So in the case of plasma cutting machines, the gas is compressed air and the energy used is electricity. Plasma cutters are moderately user-friendly tools to cut steel and other electrically conductive metals. An electrical arc formed by an internal electrode ionizes gas passing all the way through a nozzle, creating a concentrated arc of plasma at the cutter’s tip. This contact made by the arc with the working surface creates a high heat circuit that melts a section less than 1.6mm in width. The force of the plasma flow then literally blows out the molten area on the piece of work, creating a rather clean cut with little or no slag. Even though the plasma arc travels through the nozzle at a speed of up to 20,000 feet per second, and at temperatures as high as 16,600 Celsius, and the procedure is potentially dangerous, the machine is very easy to use. Even first time users can deliver good cuts after mere minutes of practice.

Plasma cutting machines have a few advantages over other cutting processes. It cuts any type of electrically conductive metal including copper, steel, brass and aluminum. It cuts relatively faster as compared to other cutting solutions. It does not require a pre-heat cycle, which in turn saves time and makes the job more convenient. It also provides gouging and piercing skills.

There are two types of plasma cutting machines namely, manual and automatic. Both these types are common to fabrication units or factories that work with metal and piping. The main considerable differences between the two types of plasma cutters are portability, productivity and ease of use. All these factors have to be taken under consideration while selecting the ideal plasma cutting machines in India.