Best Practices For Business Envelope Printing

Sending correspondences is part of business routines. Regardless of the type of business, companies regularly send out letters and printed documents to important people. This business practice is true even with the onset of electronic messaging. In spite of the convenience of emails, postal mails still lend a professional feel to any written business communication. For this purpose, business envelopes are crucial not only for the message they carry inside, but also for the fact that they reflect your values and level of professionalism. Remember, a sloppily addressed enveloped could surely cause your recipient to have a negative impression about your company.

To print professional-looking envelopes, first you need to abide by some basic guidelines. Whether you want custom envelopes or the regular white ones, you need to follow the USPS rules or your mails will be deemed undeliverable. Its true that strict guidelines would limit your customization efforts but it is better to follow than to be penalized.

Any type of envelope must adhere to guidelines set by the USPS. Standard envelopes must measure between 5 and 11 inches in length and should be between 3 and 6 1/8 inches in height. Remember that your mailing and return address must be legible. Make sure that the font you use is at least 8 points for easy reading. Dont try to impress your recipient by showing off your recently downloaded fonts. Some fancy fonts would only make your envelope look amateurish and insincere. Opt for something simple yet consistent with your company’s professional image.

The company logo is the usual image that is printed on a business envelope. In printing images, make sure to avoid getting the text from being printed over by the image or your logo. Do you like to print copy at the back part of the envelope? Having the same design elements that is printed in the front would be a good idea.

For greater impact, many businesses prefer to have their logos in front a patch of color that bleeds. It means that the design goes all the way off the edge of the envelope. If you plan to do the same, make sure that your budget can cover it because printers sometimes charge extra for bleeds. Consider it only when it is extremely necessary for the design or if such style is consistent with your other promo materials.

Bright colors naturally grab anyones attention. So you may consider printing full color envelopes instead of the usual whites. If you are sending out direct mailings, your custom envelope should stick out right away in your recipients mailbox. Although try to minimize the design, remember that you only want your envelope to get noticed.

Great custom envelope design can reward you with a considerable return on investment. As long as you abide by postal regulations regarding envelope design, your mails can lead to more customers and solid reputation. With your mailings, your goal is to establish communications with prospects and associates alike. What better way to start that connection than with a correspondence carried by an impressive customized envelope? BOLA TANGKAS