Best Registry Cleaner – A Simple Guide to Selecting the Best Windows Registry Cleaner

We all probably know what an overloaded and corrupt registry feels like. Your computer runs at a snails pace and takes forever to load. You begin to get system errors and even the “blue screen of death”. If any of this happens to you it might be time to fix corrupt registry problems. To do so I highly recommend installing the best registry cleaner available. But how does one go about selecting the best registry cleaner?

Well first off do not try to fix the problem on your own unless you ABSOLUTELY know what you’re doing. The registry is a giant and complex directory that is highly sensitive to editing. If you begin altering and removing files there is a chance you could cause further corruption of the registry and a possible hard drive collapse. This could cause you to lose all the information on your computer.

But luckily this is why we have windows registry cleaners. They used advanced technology to root out specific problems. This includes broken application paths, missing entries, and redundant information. The best registry cleaner will give specific descriptions of all errors found so you know exactly what you are removing.

Top rated registry repair software will include an option to defrag certain areas which will increase your overall CPU speed. This increases the speed by which your computer can access and information while getting rid of clogged areas of useless information.

Perhaps the most important feature of a registry cleaner is the ability to create a backup of your registry in case anything goes wrong. This will protect the integrity of your system. If anything ever goes wrong you can simply revert back to the restore point!

Not all registry software is created equal. If you are still unsure which to select I have found a program that as all of these features and more. Scan your computer below for free and see if there are any errors that need to be fixed. You might be surprised!