Best Self Help Books Available – Zero Limits

Zero Limits presents not only a powerful, documented case for the positive attributes of the “power of the mind,” it most importantly shows you how to find that power within yourself. In this somewhat compelling book, Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew (pronounced who) Len take us on an incredible journey that tells of the miraculous healing by noted psychologist Dr. Hew Len of a complete ward of criminally insane patients who were diagnosed as incurable. It tells of taking total responsibility for ones life and ultimately realizing that our own environment is indeed our very own special creation and you have the power to change it. How or better yet, why is our environment our own special creation? Dr. Hew Len would say “why, to teach us what we need to learn about ourselves”. This book states that anyone can learn to clear negativity from the subconscious mind in the moment and that this simple act will indeed change your environment for the better. We can speak abstractly about this subject 24/7 but to prove it to yourself you have to try it.

In this book the authors say that it’s necessary to take complete responsibility for the life you find yourself currently involved with. They state that we’re all born with a victim’s consciousness and that throughout childhood it seems we have no say over anything. Children don’t have much say over their lives because they obviously need protection from themselves but sometimes it’s done in an ineffective manner leaving deep rooted scars, i.e. ingrained negativity. Once programmed with a crippling emotional and mental attitude it’s very difficult to extract one’s self. It becomes a repeated re-action to events in one’s life which just keeps re-enforcing the problem. Dr. Hew Len says you’re re-acting to a memory, a past incident rather then what’s happening  “in the moment.”

When choices we’ve made turn out other then what we had consciously intended it becomes a comforting habit to point a finger at someone else and not take responsibility for our own mess. That comforting habit places you in the mental attitude of a “Victim”. The authors ask you to think about this thought for a moment.  If you perceive yourself as a victim you have no control over your life so how in the world can you do anything to change it? That means “things” are being done to you by everyone else and in fact it might seem like the whole world is out to get you. If you’re in a victim’s consciousness you’re powerless to stop what’s happening simply because you’re conditioned to believe you can’t and why? Because it’s always someone else’s fault right? You might even like it because you don’t have to take responsibility for anything, but eventually the “hurts” pile so high that you can’t take it anymore. That’s when you begin to realize that something’s terribly wrong with the way your life is going. That’s when you get out of the sand box and begin looking for something to change yourself from within and of course that’s where it’s at.  We all come to this point eventually. Joe Vitale says the only reason we don’t attract the things in life we say we want is because we have counter-intentions in the subconscious mind.  I can’t go into this subject in depth here, I would have to write a book but…it’s already been written and is said to be one of the best self help books available.

Zero Limits by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew (pronounced who) Len and Joe Vitale is one of the most remarkable books I have ever read. It teaches you a very simple technique to rid one of sub-conscious negativity “in the moment.”  Negativity and resentment floating up from the sub-conscious (it does all day long) and negativity that you’ve come face to face with in the person of someone else becomes ridiculously easy to eliminate from yourself and Dr. Hew Len says it will eliminate it from those around you also. I also know it sounds far out but in “new age thinking” everyone seems to reiterate the so-called fact that we create our own environment.  Well, this technique seems to seems to prove itself to be quite valid even if you don’t understand what’s taking place. However, once you have a somewhat thorough understanding of the process and accept responsibility for the life you’ve created the process will quickly “clear” your subconscious or, as Dr. Hew Len says “clean” the subconscious. The book contains the updated version of this technique and is spoken of as one of the best self help books available. On the other hand there will always be those who will put a negative spin on everything because that’s where they’re coming from. If we do indeed create our own environment then I for one would much rather become involved in the positive spin. This books claims to be able to  help anyone interested in self help and self improvement  to come face to face with themselves in a very positive manner thereby paving the way for personal empowerment and faster manifestation of life’s gifts.