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What do Joss Stone, Sienna Miller, and Jessica Simpson have in common? Besides the fact that they are big-time Hollywood celebrities, they are also seen sporting a trendy yet functional type of bag: the Hobo Bag.

The hobo bags are very easy to spot. They are the only kind of bag that is crescent shaped, similar to the bindle that used to be tied on sticks by hobos or migrant workers when they traveled. Moreover, they would sport long handles, so they could be worn over the shoulders (though they are others today that already function as a handbag). They are also very soft to the point of being slouchy.

One of the foremost reasons why hobos are highly preferred by most women is because they leave a lot of room for several items. It is not impossible for women to bring books, makeup kit, a case of goggles or shades, and notebooks, along with their mobile phones, purses, and PDAs. And even if the entire bag is filled, it does not appear too bulky.

There are also a lot of designs to choose from today, depending on the kind of look you want to achieve. The typical hobo bag (the huge one) is perfect if you want to go casual with your appearance. Or if you want to attract attention, you can always settle for those that have flashy hues such as crimson red, aquamarine, or jade green.

When you want to play it safe or be classic, there is the black hobo bag. It can always be brought into the office and then to parties. There is no need for you to shift bags.

Petite women may want to opt for hobo style handbags. It still follows the contour or the overall design of a usual hobo. The only difference is that it is much smaller. When hobo handbags are worn, you do not look like you are being overpowered by your own bag. The handbag is also your perfect companion when you are going out on dates or on special events, because you can still appear sexy. The bag does not distract the attention of your partner from you.

You are also lucky because virtually all the well-known bag manufacturers in the world have their own hobo bag. This means that quality should never be an issue for you. For one, you have the hobo International handbags. A favorite among women is the Olivia shoulder bag, which comes with a detachable strap. This way, you can wear the hobo bag in a totally different manner: as a clutch. You can also adjust the strap to make it look like a handbag. It is also made of pure leather, so it is soft and smooth to touch and truly elegant and classy.

The Gerty shoulder bag, on the other hand, is very dainty and evokes a sense of femininity. The white color makes it easier to match with any of your apparel.

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