Best Sources For Anabolic Steroids Info

When an individual is considering using steroids, there are a lot of pieces of information that need to be learned. Let’s examine size of the best sources of information you will need when looking to build and utilize your first steroid cycle.


Visit any online bookstore, and you will be able to find yearly digests of every steroid available – complete with pictures, warning, usage, dosages, etc. These drugs don’t change from year to year, so you can buy the book once and use it for the next twenty years! Many people prefer the actual feel of a book over a computer screen, and you can take it with you and learn anywhere where a computer isn’t readily available – or when you don’t want a web trace taking place!


Anything found in a steroid manual can be found online just as easily. Punch in any steroid name with “info” after it, and you’ll be scurried away to hundreds of websites offering essentially identical technical information on just about every steroid. However, when you’re looking for opinions and experiences, and not just raw information, then it’s time for you to venture to…

Message Boards

These are the end all, and be all, of steroid user interactions. Here in these.php and.asp based communication forums, people from all over the planet are allowed to anonymously interact and share their opinions, beliefs, and arguments as fact, with minimal moderation or supervision. If you want honest advice from people who have been in the steroid trenches – you will find it here. You’ll also find 14 year old kids pretending to be these experienced people. Listen wisely.

Gym veterans

Look around any gym between 6 and 8 AM (or 6 and 8 PM) and you’re going to be able to readily identify the small group of individuals who without a doubt have used (or are currently using steroids). Befriend them but don’t be pushy. Over time, work to learn more and more of the tricks and tips they have amassed over their own years of using gear. However, be wary of any personal motives they may have, and don’t be suckered if they attempt to sell you something at a highly exaggerated price!

Your Physician

If you have a doctor with any experience in hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or the simple use of testosterone to improve quality of life, then you may have access to better information than any kid at home sitting on his computer reading for hours. You can have actual blood panels completed to see how healthy you are before a cycle – then after. Your gear will be pure, affordable, and above all – legal!

Experience (Journal)

When you finally do engage in steroid use for the first time, keep a meticulous journal. Every time you see growth, write it down.

Your most honest source for anabolic steroids info may end up being yourself! As the years pass and you complete more and more cycles, you may discover that steroids react to your body individually and differently from everyone else. Your own unique chemistry dictates what works – and what does not. BOLA TANGKAS