Best Stress-Reducing Foods

Some stress is necessary for you to function at your best; however, too much would result in both mental and physical disorders. If you frequently feel stressed, it is necessary to change your diet to include some of the foods below.




If you are getting angry with some troubles, let enjoy yourself a cup of orange juice. Vitamin C in orange is the magic remedy for reducing stress. People who absorb 3000 milligram vitamin C will suffer less stress than others.








The enemy of stress is Omega 3, a kind of fatty acid. Omega-3 helps the brain to produce adrenaline, a hormone causing exciting mood, decreasing the tiredness resulted from stress.



90 grams of fish, especially fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, and mackerel per week would considerably help reduce stress.




Carbohydrate in oatmeal helps the brain produce serotonin which is good for your digest system. According to some studies, the longer time the body absorbs, the more stable serotonin is produced.






Skim milk

Hot milk is proven to be the effective method to treat sleeplessness, muscle spasm and reduce stress.



Women who drink more than 4 glasses of skim milk would suffer from stress 46% less than others



Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes can be particularly stress reducing because they can satisfy the urge we get for carbohydrates and sweet when we are under stress. Besides, the fiber help your body to process the carbohydrates in a slow and steady manner.



Sweet patoto




Suffering from stress, people tend to eat fatty foods like ice-cream or cakes. However, why don’t we try a kind of fruits which is no less savory, it is avocado. A glass of avocado smoothie, or a disk of avocado salad mixed with 2 spoons of lemon juice would reduce your appetite, as well as lower your blood pressure and stress.






Another Ways To Reduce Stress