Best sushi restaurants in New York City

New York City has marvelous and outstanding sushi food centers all around the city! Food Lovers can fulfill their every food dream in New York City. The place is full of world’s best chef and innovative food creators. In New York City, you will find millions of sleek, stylish, trendy, luxurious and comfortable sushi food places!

Sushi Azabu is the perfect stop in New York City, for those who love seafood with real hot and spicy flavors. The drink menu here is really vast and extremely tipsy and heady. Enjoy hot & spicy wasabi with most popular somakase, salmon, yellowtail, bonito in an exotic combination of spicy and yummy sauces.

Blue Ribbon Sushi  is one of the most unpredictable Japanese food houses in New York City. The place serves interesting menu varying from sunomono, blue crab, jellyfish, octopus to marvelously made raw fish. Other popular dishes of Blue Ribbon Sushi include the fried chicken and the “Chocolate Bruno”.

Located in the hub of Greenwich Grill is the best chic Japanese food place in New York City—the Sushi Azabu! The place serves exciting exceptional nigiri morsels, à la carte, sashimi, grilled salmon and silky raw shrimp.

15 East is one of the most bold, colorful and well decorated sushi hotel in New York City with a unique Japanese cuisines. Enjoy the scallop, tuna aficionados and various raw offerings.

Kyo Ya is one of the leading sushi restaurants of New York City, which is always open and crowded. The place is most known for its Maitake mushrooms, the salmon, silky crème caramel—are simply ethereal! Try out the Jewel Bako, located in East Village. It offers best pristine raw fish, tartares is served with three different caviars, a wild salmon dipped in sea urchin sauce, seared red snapper and omakase.

Enjoy tasty tradition fresh sushi and sashimi at Kanoyama at affordable prices. You can choose anything from the fabulous menu: the bluefin toro, sashimi, a miso cod in a sweet-soy glaze and amazing ice cream in tempting combinations.

Enjoy marvelous other sushi places in New York City such as Sushi Yasuda, Sushi Zen and Ushiwakamaru.