Best time to fly to Thailand “The festival of lights 2010”

The beauty of Thailand is in its vastness, in a week’s trip you can travel from the shopping districts to food capitals and food capitals to tropical beaches and see all its attractions in a rapid version. Thailand makes travel fantasy real and affordable too; like you save cost of regional flights at large (as Pattaya is only a 2 hour drive from Bangkok) while cheap flights to Thailand from international airports are also accessible with top airlines of the world like Thai air, British Airways, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Virgin Atlantic and KLM-Air France.

The country carriers a fair standing as “Shopping Paradise” in the whole continent. Also the dinning and wine experiences are exotic here. The array of activities, water sports, beach lazing and clubbing make it a suitable destination for all age groups. But this time, travelers are flying to Thailand for another reason and that is “The Festival of Lights”.

“Loy Krathong” or the Festival of Lights is an amazing time to visit Thailand. For a traveler, it provides great opportunity to get closer with the Thai culture, the traditions, and friendly locals. In addition, you can take lot of stunning photographs too.

The “Loy Krathong” Festival holds great significance in the spiritual life of a Thai. It is traditionally a “thanks giving time”. During this festival, Thai generosity reaches its extreme and virtues like forgiveness, grievances, and pray for good luck are celebrated all over the country. This year, on November 21st (on the 12th of full moon) Thais will light up rivers, canals, lakes and the night sky with lamps of hope and prayers. Flights to Bangkok are relatively cheaper during the last week of November while there are also plenty of cheap accommodations in Thailand available too. Some accommodations, especially those by the Chao Phraya river or in the city center, also offer Festival activities giving guests a unique and unforgettable experience of this special Thai occasion.