Best Tips For New Moms’ Fitness

The phrase goes it takes over 9 months to put on pregnancy weight and will take over 9 months to shift; however if you too, like so many new mothers, are finding it hard to shift those extra lbs then these strategies can help.

1.Have a break

It is tempting to eat on the go when you have a baby, yet by nibbling all day long – and on bad foods – this can make losing body fat complicated and might even cause weight gain. Because of this remember to set time aside for yourself where you can pre-make food for the week and ensure you are eating right.

2.Walk everyday

Taking your child for a stroll to your local park or into the city, or meeting your partner for a coffee can all help to train those muscles and get you working out. The weight of your pram in particular is fantastic for building up muscles and will make you workout harder.

3.Make your own food

Avoid the temptation of cooking ready snacks and try to cook your own meals. Most ready made foods are filled with fat and salt that can easily increase your calorie content. As a result attempt to cook your own meals as this will allow you to monitor your calorie consumption more efficiently. NOTE: if you are finding it hard to make time to cook everyday, set some time aside for yourself to cook in advance. Using your fridge freezer, you can divide these pre-made meals and eat during the week.

4.Attend the gym

Now we are not talking about spending an hour on the treadmill here. You can make going to the gym fun for you and your baby by going swimming weekly. Swimming is an incredible way to train your whole body and have fun with your family, without hurting your limbs.


You think the concept of breastfeeding unappealing, especially when your baby needs feeding every couple of hours; however breastfeeding has been discovered to shed up to 500 calories per day (or 200-600 calories).

6.Workout with friends

Walking or attending an aerobics class with a friend is an incredible way to stay focused and ensure that you workout regularly. Advice: if you are feeling nervous about your baby weight, why not get another new mother to go with you and use each other as motivation.

Losing body weight after having a child doesnt have to be complicated or tiresome. Incorporate any of the listed strategies in your dietary plan and you can successfully get in shape.

However if you are genuinely finding it hard to get rid of those excess lbs, then a proven weight loss supplement such as Proactol can help. It is perfect if you are not breastfeeding (if you are, we advise waiting until after you have completely breastfeeding to try Proactol). The product has been found during 6 scientific studies to: make up to 28% of dietary fat indigestible, curb your hunger, improve blood cholesterol, increase energy levels and decrease aches and discomfort.