Best Way To Treat A Facial Scar – The Best Way To Treat Deep Cuts So That They Don’t Leave Scars On Your Face

I got wasted the other day, and wind up passing out on the concrete! Turns out, I bruised up my face pretty bad, and now I’ve got some pretty big cuts and scraped, some people are telling me that it will leave scars, while others say it won’t. I’ve been using Cocoa Butter, Neosphorin and someone told me that Mederma is a good product to use. Does anyone know for sure: what is the best way to treat facial scars and these deep cuts so that they don’t leave scars on my face?

If you have some bruises that you are afraid will turn out to be scars, then this article will help teach you what you can use so as to avoid that from happening: The best thing for a wound is to let it heal by itself. Then, after the wound has closed and there are no signs of infection, treat the scar with a cream that has some Vitamin E content in it, to help it heal. Also, take a zinc supplement as well; this combined with some Vitamin C in your diet will help your skin heal up. 🙂

I would also suggest buying some organic rosehip oil you can buy it from most pharmacies and health food shops it works really well. You will be pleasantly surprised. Rose Hip oil is also great. You can purchase it from Whole Foods. If you don’t have a whole foods store, try other stores. If you use this, it is very possible that you won’t have any scar there. However if you end up with a scar, there is this great guide which can teach you all you need to know so as to easily treat you scars and fade them away:

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