Best Wine Accessories – What Do You Really Need?

With so many people struggling financially it might seem like a bad time to get involved in the finer points of wine and wine drinking. But nothing could be further from the truth. You can try wines from many different countries and there are some very good inexpensive wines. Exploring wines might be the closest you’ll be able to come to visiting Italy or France or even California right now. It can be a mini-vacation.

Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to be rich to enjoy great wine and you don’t need to be a ‘wine snob’ either. There are many varieties of wine and the best wine is the wine that you like the best!

In order to get the most out of your wine tasting adventure there are a few wine accessories that can make it better or easier.

The first thing you will need, besides the wine itself, is a good corkscrew. Many people take this handy little gadget for granted but it can make your wine experience better by eliminating the little cork bits in your glass of wine.

One of the most popular styles of corkscrews, the ‘winged’ kind, is actually one of the worst. The reason is that the little curly thingy (the worm or auger) is too short. It doesn’t go far enough into the cork to get a really good hold of it so it often just weakens the cork and the cork breaks into pieces when you pull it out. Not the end of the world, true, but a hassle.

In order to avoid this problem you need to invest in one of the most common wine accessories the waiters corkscrew. This handy little gadget not only comes with a worm but also a lever and a small knife. You have everything you need to take off the protective covering over the cork and then neatly remove the cork. They usually sell for around $ 6 and if it’s good enough for the professionals it’s probably good enough for you.

Another wine accessory is the decanter or carafe. You have probably heard that wine needs to breathe. What that means is allowing oxygen into your wine. This will help increase the flavor and aroma, especially in young wines. Unfortunately, just taking the cork out of the bottle won’t help much. The opening of the bottle is too small to allow enough oxygen in to make any difference.

A simple way around this is to pour your wine into a carafe or decanter. Not only does it look nice on your table when you serve your guests it also has a wide mouth opening allowing more air to flow in and aerate your wine.

Now is a great time to explore and enjoy fine wines. They don’t have to be expensive they just have to taste good to you. What better way to spend a nice warm summer evening than getting together with friends and trying out your latest ‘find’. Get some wine accessories, grab some wine, gather your friends…sounds like a great night!