Better Life is Reason Enough in Moving to Canada

As the second largest country in the world and one of the leading countries in terms of economy, Canada has plenty of room for working immigrants or new Canadian citizens. The country promotes a free market approach to business with of course, the protection laws for both the employer and the employee. Canada has been ranked by the United Nation as number one in their Annual Human Development Index. Factors like cost of living, job opportunities, adult literacy, life expectancy and school enrollment were considered. These are the reasons why many people from UK and US (and at present, from third-world countries) move to Canada in search for better quality of life.

Main reasons why many foreign nationals are moving to Canada:

” The economy is very progressive. Canada is a prosperous country. This country is one of the richest countries in the world. Canada offers opportunities and unlimited potentials because of its modern and booming industries.

” Ranked as number one country in the world by United Nations. The best country to live in.

” Life expectancy is 76.5 years. This is due to clean living and Canada has clean environment, making Canadians enjoy not only a good life, but highest qualities of life in the world.

” Hundreds of thousands of jobs created each year. This makes many foreign nationals vie for entries in Canada. One of the highest in terms of salary per Canadian citizen.

” The taxation and inflation rate is decreasing every year, thus making the income of Canadians more intact. The deductions are so low that it seems like a bonus was given.

” The quality of education is high. Canadian’s colleges and universities are known internationally for its high quality of education. The government allotted more budgets in education than any industrialized nation in the world. The government subsidized the post-secondary education. Primary and secondary studies are free.

” Canadians Health and Welfare have access to free healthcare, housing and social assistance programs.

” Fair justice system. Canada has safe and secure community policies. Gun control laws are strict. The rate of crimes is among the lowest in the world.

” The unique culture of immigrants is preserved. Multiculturism or the diversity of cultures which exist in one society can only be found in Canada.

The New Citizenship Act also makes the foreign nationals born to Canadian parents move to Canada and lives for at least a year to retain their Canadian citizenship.

Adopted persons or relatives by Canadian nationals are moving to Canada to be new citizens of the country.