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A misunderstanding: the Beverages Instead of plain water
Baby would like to drink sweet sour Beverages Only whether they do not nutritious. AIDS tasteless boiled water to drink no, the baby often can not go on happily accepted, some mothers simply bought drinks all taste your baby drink your fill. I thought, anyway, is drink water, drink a drink is not all about children? Everyone knows, this is very wrong, the baby’s growth and development will bring a lot of harm. If you regularly drink

Coke , Fruit tea, preparation type Juice , Fruit Soft drink And other drinks, will stimulate the gastric mucosa, diluted juice, affecting food digestion and absorption; will increase the burden of liver and kidney, so the baby decreased immune function, frequent respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract and other systems of infection; contain caffeine and other ingredients drinks and long-term drinking can seriously harm the baby growth and development; drink too much may cause the baby produce anorexia, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss, fatigue and other symptoms.

In fact, the pure boiled water most likely to quench their thirst, it can be carried out immediately after entering the body metabolism, regulate body temperature, transport nutrients and clean internal body functions, especially after boiling natural cooling of the cold water through the cell membrane most likely to boost metabolism increased blood hemoglobin content, enhance immune function, improve the baby disease resistance. Drinking cold water will also reduce the accumulation of lactic acid in muscle can relieve fatigue.

Misunderstanding 2: The baby drinks to quench their thirst
Most babies like a drink, and some even develop your baby will drink before they agree to eat dinner before, so my mother had to buy all kinds of sweet drinks at home. However, these drinks contain high sugar content may be necessary for very little other nutrients, your baby is not drinking not only quench their thirst, but easily lead to satiety, affecting the normal consumption.

So often thirst-quenching drink baby all grown Mianhuangjishou. In fact, your baby the most thirst-quenching than plain water, or against the pure juice of boiled tap water, can not really thirst-quenching drinks. Drink After sugar into the body to produce redox reactions, the body a certain amount of water consumed. Results drink more often, feeling more hungry baby, resulting in excessive water baby.

Misunderstanding 3: immediately after meal drink
Some babies just a meal, immediately to the mother to drink, not to drink on the endless busy month. Sometimes his mother wearies, also had to accommodate the baby. Does not know the baby’s gastrointestinal function weak, immediately after meal drink a lot, especially in soft drinks, not only can cause stomach pain, serious cases may lead to gastric rupture. Because, after eating will secrete more gastric acid, if the soda immediately, soft drinks contained sodium bicarbonate and the acid will occur and in response, produce large amounts of carbon dioxide gas.

This time, the stomach was completely full of food, up and down the two openings that were blocked cardia, and pylorus, carbon dioxide gas is not easily discharged, the results accumulated in the stomach, causing stomach pain. When more than when the stomach will bear, there is rupture of the stomach may occur. In general, gas containing beverages, only appropriate for fasting or semi-fasting in the case of drinking. BOLA TANGKAS