Bioflex Body Jewelry is the Way to Go

Going green is an extremely popular trend and many people want to help the planet. What if there was a way to be “green” just by simply putting on jewelry? Well, now there is a way. It’s a material called Bioflex, used to make different types of body jewelry, most commonly, belly button rings.

This new material first gained attention in 2001 after a British piercer used it for types of body jewelry. It came from a material used as an alternative to plastic that gets thrown into landfills daily.  It is a bio-compatible and hypo-allergenic material so not only is it good for the environment, but also for your skin. Soon after the British piercer manufactured the material, medical workers passed it in the United States and have been using it ever since.

Bioflex plastic is flexible, ultra light, extremely adjustable, decreases irritation and can possibly help heal piercings faster! That’s why it’s so popular today. Bioflex products are 65 percent biodegradable and 35 percent polyester scrim.  This material is heavily supported by both piercers and the medical fields because if its sterilization and ease of use. It has such great sterility that medical professionals all agree in saying that it is much better for you than a traditional metal belly button ring.

Bioflex body jewelry provides a variety of benefits that traditional metal jewelry does not. It is compared to materials like polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and titanium daily and always wins the fight over them. It is chosen over these two types of piercings because of its transparency, ability to be ultra-violet reactive and its temperature resistance. Also, since Bioflex piercings are made out of plastic, they are ultimately flexible and move with your body for total comfort. They come pretty lengthy so if you want to reduce the length of your piercing, simply trim it with a pair of scissors.

Not only do Bioflex piercings exist but there are also Bioflex retainers. The see-through material disguises the piercing from view. They are invisible and contain small discs on the top of the ring. This makes it extremely hide your piercing during occasions where you don’t want to or it would be inappropriate to show them.The retainers usually come in colors that will help easily blend the disc in with your skin.

Many people are wearing body jewelry these days and if you’re considering doing the same, check your options. Bioflex piercings are becoming more and more popular every day in the United States and around the world. Help your body and your planet today.