Bipolar Medications Go Hand in Hand With Good Support Groups

According to the, “2005 American Journal of Managed Care”, despite the increased focus on the disorder and the use of support groups to cater for the social aspects of the victim, a lot of individuals are still being misdiagnosed with bipolar medication which has led to high levels of both under diagnosed and misdiagnosed patients. When this happens it is often hard for victims with the illness to receive timely and adequate treatment. It is a fact that an accurate and early identification of the problem can result in a good treatment of the disorder.

Weight Gain

Many patients with this mental illness have complained that some medications are famous for making them gain weight. Patients have been caught by surprise, because there was no prior warning by doctors or from their psychiatrists. In gaining weight, patients can put on 20 pounds or 10 kilograms in a matter of a few weeks or months. In one year they can put on a total 60 pounds. This weight gain is caused by certain medication which works against the intended result of medication treatments. These extra weights on the body add negative feelings to their dullness and low self-esteem, which happens to be symptoms of depression. A lot of victims may have no choice but to take this medicine because they are able to manage their symptoms well.

The X Factor

Treating this Mental illness successfully depends on many things:

• Being given the right medicines.
• Taking the right dosage.
• A good working relationship with a good medical doctor who knows what they are doing.
• A good supportive and warm counselor.
• Supportive family and a good support group.
• A well balanced lifestyle with lots of exercise.
• Very important – regular sleep and wake up times.

Other Forms of Help

Those with bipolar have to learn the hard way, they have to learn that medications are just one part of helping them get better. The use of medicine is just a part of the recovery process, however there is a lot that a patient must do to help oneself. Other treatments beside medication are available like therapies and a support network beginning from the immediate family.

Why a Support Group

Worse than the illness is the isolation which the depressed phase brings. People can lose friends and chase away people during the manic phase. Added to that is the deprivation of meaningful human contact, the stigma and the shame the illness brings. They can also be robbed of their social skills or the ability to react with one another which may be detrimental.

Learning to Cope

Trying to cope is a good survival tool which you can pick up in a support group. Learning from other victims or those in bipolar support groups can help you avoid mistakes made by others. There are successful patients who are compliant with their medication and get moral and other social support from attending a support group. Sometimes in a group a simple advice of ensuring a good night’s sleep, taking your bipolar medicine faithfully or some crucial break is all that is needed to change those bad routine.