Black Rims: A Trend That Looks to Go Places

Automobile fashion is as important as owning a car or truck. Trends change with times but the popularity for auto accessories is only on the rise. Presently, it is the black rim that is “in” in automobiles accessory trend. This preference for black rims is a fallout of the trend “Black is Beautiful; Bigger is Better.”It looks that automobile owners have turned a demanding lot—they want the rims to not only add to the style quotient of the car but also optimize the vehicle’s performance.

Black, it seems, is one color that never falls out of favor of the fashion. What is more, in case of black rims, the fashionable automobile owner can have his pick from a number of shades—painted black, chrome black, gloss black, and hyper black. The wheels are first painted black and then brushed off. They are then clear coated to sport an alluring sheen. This process of powder coating is completed in a series of steps till the desired shine is achieved; the luster in some wheels resembles coal anthracite.

In case of hyper black wheels, powder coating is done such that it adds an illusion of depth and makes the wheels look bigger than they actually are. On the other hand, to achieve the chrome black finish, the rims are polished and coated till the time they acquire a metallic shine.

Looks are not the sole consideration when a proud automobile owner decides to go in for black wheels for is new toy. Bigger wheels add to the performance of the car, apart from, of course, adding to its attraction. It is thus not surprising that SUV owners are demanding wheels that have diameters of 28 to 30 inches while 19 inches has almost become the norm for sedans and other smaller cars.

Black rims are usually found in custom-built cars and this adds to their exclusivity. These take a few days to be built and fitted on the car of your choice. But the result is definitely worth all the wait! Your car will not only turn heads but will also burn the roads.