Blackberry Storm 2 Still Going Strong

To suggest that the BlackBerry Storm 2 was a ‘highly anticipated’ phone would be an understatement. Rumors about the Storm 2 began before the first BlackBerry Storm was launched in the market. Shifting from the traditional QWERTY keypad to the touch screen segment was a major shift for BlackBerry phones. The first model of the Storm has some functionality issues like lag and hence the Storm 2 was created to resolve all those issues and provide a more user friendly interface. The Storm 2 comes with a 3.2 megapixel camera, 3.25 inch LCD screen, 3.5 mm audio jack etc. Cell phone accessories like BlackBerry covers are an important addition to the phone. A user cannot truly enjoy the features of a cell phone unless they have the appropriate BlackBerry Storm 2 covers to protect it from damage.

There are several cell phone accessories that help you enhance your user experience and makes owning the BlackBerry Storm 2 a lot more fun. Most users use their phones as a portable music device. To store and transfer music data cables and memory cards are important. These accessories help users easily transfer music to and from the phone. BlackBerry covers too are important accessories if you want to extend the life of your phone. Leather BlackBerry Storm 2 covers are a preferred option amongst a variety of users.

Cell phone accessories provide a variety of functions from protection to personalization. Cell phone charms are a great way to add a touch of bling to an otherwise simple phone. BlackBerry Storm 2 covers like Faceplates add a unique touch to the concept of covers and phone protection. These BlackBerry covers come in a wide variety of designs and colors and help you add a unique touch to your phone. With uses like added storage, portability, personalization and protection its no wonder that cell phone accessories are an important part of your phone itself.