Blogging – Is Blogging Essential to Your Online Business?

Below are some of the reasons why every business should have an up to date blog.

To Generate Traffic – The common conception by most people is that if you have a business website, you will automatically generate much needed traffic however in 99% of the cases, this is not true. Along with the patience and time element, Traffic needs good quality content specified towards your product/page so what better than to get your content out there by way of a blog.

Search Engine Optimisation – It is a fact that traffic flows to blogs much easier than to your business website. If you transfer your website from a CSS format to (self hosted) WordPress, your sites will gain more traffic. Essentially, WordPress is a platform that allows you to have the benefits of a website and blog all together in the same entity.

Keep customers up to speed – A blog allows customers to have up to date knowledge about your products, business and yourself. This is important as it does not mean they must speak to you on the phone or trawl through your website all the time to find out what’s going on.

Build Contact List -The more contacts you have the more free advertising you will generate. The blogging world is fiercely loyal and if you keep up with the good content you will soon have a loyal army of followers who will pass your product on to whoever they know. There is nothing stronger than word of mouth.

Reviews – If you can keep within the niche but not in direct competition, writing trade reviews for other business’ and having them written for you is not only good advertising but dominating a market. Remember to stay out of direct competitors though.

From what I have written so far you will establish that a blog is a great source for generating traffic, achieving sales within your niche market, building niche lists and getting your brand out there into the world. I would be lost without one!!

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