Blu-ray DVD to Audio Ripper

Supporting various source file and target file formats Different input video formats are suitable for ripping with Soft4File Blu-ray DVD to Audio Ripper including common DVDs, IFO files and ISO files. Many output audio formats are supported such as *.mp3, *.ogg, *.wav, *.aac, *.ac3, *.wma and do on. Soft4file Blu-ray DVD to Audio Ripper is a two-in-one software product owning all the functions of Blu-ray to Audio Ripper and DVD to Audio Ripper.

It enables you to rip and convert Blu-ray discs and DVDs to audio formats including MP3, WMA, WAV, M4A, AAC, AC3 and OGG with marvelous audio quality. All of these target formats are so common that they can be played on various audio players.All these possibilities mentioned above constitute a large part of the endless potential of this DVD Ripper. Customizable file sizes You are allowed to set flexible file sizes according to your own requirements by fixing the starting and ending time.

Multi-format conversion for one file It can rip and convert one file to various suitable formats for simultaneous output by adding profiles. Or you can clone or copy the title and choose several formats for output. Splitting options You can clip or split the target files in terms of file size and length in order to rip or get the exact segments you like. This versatile Blu-ray DVD to Audio Converter has been newly upgraded with the ability to add subtitles.

This function has met customers’ demand to choose or add their favorite subtitles to enhance enjoyment of the movie. Generally speaking, not all audiences can speak or are familiar with the same language as the actors in the movie, which can cause some language obstacles. With the capability of providing several default subtitles for choice and adding customers’ own subtitles, Soft4file Blu-ray DVD to Audio Ripper removes these language obstacles. It enables the users to choose the subtitle they like or add their own subtitles to each Blu-ray video chapter with ease.