Blue Ocean Discovery Industry

Ikeda Kikunae 1908 Japanese invented MSG, opening a new era of human taste.

1935 invention of the British Royal chefs chicken, opening a flavoring compound of the times and become another milestone in the history of seasoning.

2005 Year of the successful production of wild food, “River Wild Jane Fine,” a comprehensive rewrite of the Condiment Chemical synthesis model. In the history of the world’s seasoning, one side is the Chinese people finally have their own flag.

2008 seasoning Society has refined delicacies as following MSG, chicken essence Important changes in direction after the seasoning and began drafting fungi class seasoning industry standards.

Once upon a time, seasoning industry as a new industry has attracted the attention of many miner. Today, big and small condiment plant to make this industry brands are the competition fierce. Especially traditional condiment market, is a Red Sea, the industry profit growing thin. Fought in the Blue Ocean, looking for new economic growth point, as many businesses thinking of day and night matter of concern. So, the traditional condiment business in their own fields for their own blue ocean to find it? Recent sessions of sugar synthesis Wine Will be the new hot spot can be found, mushrooms condiment is becoming the new darling of food and consumer markets, a beautiful blue ocean industry has demonstrated in front of us –

Mushroom seasoning era “Hunger breeds, food to taste first.” With rising living standards, people Food Health Security concerns gradually refined to the seasoning, while the traditional to MSG and playing chicken-based condiment market can not satisfy people’s natural Green Food Needs.

2004, the Mushroom Industry Leader Enterprise – 4 chon Wild Wild Foods Co., Ltd. in their own products based on the bacteria to begin development of an extension product of wild fungi. Kawano researchers in several universities and domestic experts and scholars together Cooperation Next, after a year of constantly studying, and finally from a variety of “aristocracy” to extract a variety of delicacies and rich flavor of trace nutrients. Pure green natural, obvious advantages of new condiment flavors – “delicacies spirit” was born! To the health of its originality and natural qualities, she won the national invention patent (patent No. ZL200510020846.2), pioneered a new era of fungi class seasoning.

Kawano listing license delicacies fine, because delicious, pure taste soon sought after by consumers, as many chef’s secret weapon. Since then, the seasoning has a new class – class of fungi Seasoning .

The advent of third generation condiments, attracted worldwide attention, many domestic and international seasoning food giants Kawano olive branch, trying to use 100 million yuan to buy high price fungi Kawano secret flavoring formula and patent. Later, “Mrs. Music” launch mushrooms fine, “Hodge” introduced mushroom essence, there are bamboo-Sun Jing, 100 fine and a few mushrooms or even dozens of copycat products Knock “delicacies spirit” are one after another, after another mushroom condiment . Signs that: The Age of mushroom seasoning!

Recent years, wild mushroom soup pot and dishes featuring mushrooms River Wild Jane restaurant chains stores in the country blossom everywhere, strain soup stewed the time and energy can not meet the market demand to grow rapidly. To make delicious nutritious soup pot further spread bacteria, Kawano began a bacteria soup Compound.

2008, the Wild Mushroom in a variety of raw materials, the traditional soup techniques, combined with modern biological extraction technology is refined in the River Wild “strains Zi” come out. The product has a unique wild mushrooms Hong flavor, taste mellow, delicious, convenient food, just 3-5 minutes to taste the authentic bacterial soup, known as the world’s soup products, a great undertaking. It’s born to be a painful process omitted soup, soup shops operating costs are substantially decreased, the situation of the traditional hot pot low-profit business to be greatly improved.

DIY Chicken Plucker

Parts list: From Featherplate -$74.50, 1 ” diameter shaft – $34.50, 1 ” flange bearings – $10 X2, 1.5 ” pulley – $5.00 (Jason was great to deal with, answered my questions) merchant cconly: chicken plucker fingers (150) – $55 18.75 ” pulley – $44.95
tractor supply: v-belt – $19.50
+ lumber and hardware