Blushing And How To Stop It

Blushing is an interesting way expressing ones emotions of excitement through facial appearance be it for self-attention, embarrassment or shame. When blushing occurs, the face turns red, eyes in some cases look downwards and the person stands motionless or continues to be sitting and staring at the floor. Since this action is an automatic response, it becomes nearly difficult to stop blushing. It is simply accepted as unavoidable and whenever such people spoke in a group, arrived somewhere late or were singled out for praise or correction their tendency towards blushing gets more apparent.

Blushing is thought to be an emotional response to excitement or embarrassment that triggers blushing. As Mark Twain once wrote, “Man is the only animal that blushes or needs to.”

If you want to stop blushing, the first step is to make sure that your condition doesn”t have a verifiable medical cause. Blushing is often confused with the flushing caused by side effects of prescription of drugs for rosacea, menopause, or other disorders. Visit a doctor for a medical checkup that can rule out conditions that might be causing a blushing problem. Discussing your symptoms with your doctor can help you determine if there is a physical reason for your blushing.

With a bit of personal research one can take certain measures to prevent excessive blushing: Limit your alcohol as it has natural blushing effect. Avoid eating spicy foods as it has natural blushing. Blushing helps communicate the emotions that we might be too afraid to verbally express. Remember that blushing does serve an important purpose. When one blushes, they make others aware of their feelings seeking others to modify their behavior towards them in an appropriate manner.

Essentially, the way to stop the problem of blushing lies in the fact that there are three separate problems to be addressed: the physical reaction of blushing, the fear of situations that cause blushing, and the embarrassment felt over other people”s reactions to blushing. People who blush generally have unrealistic expectations of how they should behave in social situations. They fear that even a small mistake will be mocked by others, so they become unnecessarily anxious and start to blush. Hypnosis can help blushers reprogram their unconscious mind and learn the art of being confident and face the reality thus reducing the emotional anxiety and embarrassment causing blushing.