BMX Bikes – What is the Perfect BMX Bike For You and What You Should Take Care About

More and more people find the great sport BMX and fall in love with it. They see all the amazing tricks the pro biker do in the popular YouTube videos and want to ride their bike like them. It looks just so cool and smooth and the tricks have much style. You can also ride from point a to b with your BMX bikes whereas it would take much more time to do so with a skateboard.

There is the big decision: skateboard or BMX? It is no secret that both are very cool and popular. It is just fun and that is why so many kids want to give it a try. Skateboards are much cheaper than BMX bikes so many people go for the skateboard. The other ones who want to try the BMX often don’t have a clue what kind of BMX bike they should buy. There are many different models out there and everyone has its own good and bad sites.

Some factors you should think of: The frame must be of full chromoly steel otherwise the bike will brake sooner or later and that’s not what we want. Also the bars must be ChrMo.

You have to decide on your own if you want to ride with brakes or you want to go the brakeless way. Riding without brakes is rather for experienced bikers who aren’t afraid of speed and have a good control over their little bike. If you are a beginner then you should go with a back break so you can control the bike much better and for some tricks you even need to have a break.

Then you have to decide if you want to ride street, park, dirt or flatland. Street is the way you ride through the city and jump on park benches, rails and ledges. Park is riding in a skate park with ramps etc and dirt is riding in the “dirt” for example on routes in the forest. For flatland you must have a good balance and you ride only on the land without jumps or grinds. You do spins and you “walk” on your bike.