Body Butter Massage Cream – Discover the Best Skin Revitalizing Ingredients

Do you want your skin to be effectively moisturized and rejuvenated? Then you need a body butter massage cream that contains vital ingredients that will deeply hydrate, repair and promote skin cell renewal.

First, you don’t need any product that contains chemicals such as alcohols, parabens and mineral oil; these are harmful ingredients that strip your skin of moisture and its natural oil. Most people erroneously think that mineral oil is a moisturizer; contrary to that belief, it coats your skin, clogs your pores and prevents it from removing toxins leading to breakouts.

I personally use natural organic products and the best body butter massage cream is one that contains all natural ingredients that are not harmful to your body.

Vital ingredients

* Active manuka honey – This is a special type of honey from New Zealand; it is a powerful antioxidant that contains clinically proven healing properties. active manuka honey is a vital ingredient your body butter massage cream should contain because it helps to stimulate your immune system; it also penetrates deep into your skin to nourish and renew it, thereby making your skin supple, smooth and younger.

* Olivem 800 – It is a unique form of olive oil and of all the natural plant oils, it is the most compatible with the human human body. It helps to effectively hydrate your skin making it look healthy.

* D-Panthenol (vitamin B5) – This a natural emollient and a powerful antioxidant; it protects your skin from sunburn and helps to remove existing sunburn. It is also effective in promoting natural tanning.

* Cynergy TK – This is another vital ingredient to look for in a body butter massage cream. It is a unique active keratin that stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin in your body, thereby helping to reduce sagging, lines, wrinkles and age spots. It also enhances skin rejuvenation and gives you a brighter radiant complexion.

If you really want your skin to look smooth, beautiful, healthy and younger, then look for a body cream that contains the above mentioned natural ingredients.

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