Body Creams – Secrets Behind the Best Body Lotion and Creams

Are you tired of dry flaky skin? Do you constantly apply lotion to certain areas but it never really does any good? Then you need to change your body creams.

If you are like I was, you have probably tried every name brand body lotion on the market, with no relief. Time to forget the packaging and take a look at what’s inside the bottle!

Look at the label. You’ll see alcohol, which dries. Glycerin that coats but never penetrates. All kinds of other ingredients you can’t pronounce.

I used to think that if something is advertised on a commercial it has to be good. Not anymore. I went on the search for the best body lotion and creams, and they have never had a television debut. I wonder why.

What I found is that if something is really good, there is no need for a lot of hype. If someone uses it, they tell a friend who tells a friend, etc.. That is what I am doing here. To have a really good product requires one thing: pure ingredients. Can’t get much simpler than that.

What are all those additives for? They aren’t necessary. Let’s get back to nature. What did Cleopatra, the queen of beauty – revered for her porcelain complexion – use on her skin? She did not use petroleum-based body creams, that’s for sure.

There are products available that will make you feel as beautiful as the Queen of Egypt without any harmful ingredients that will dry or potentially damage your skin. You will love the look and feel that gets better with each use.

I won’t use anything but pure compounds. I’ve tried the rest and found the best. I share it with anyone who is looking for good quality body creams. I love the way my skin looks and feels with each passing day.