Body Secret: Law Of The Absolute Void Thin Black

Recent phase, several popular beauty forums, small pieces of beauty from Japan are sought after weight-loss: IR Line of ultra-thin face-mask, thin shoulder roller Massage Anion face-massage machine?? All kinds of beauty gadgets for low price, look pretty, easy and popular usage.

Experts reveal your true face of these small appliances.

Thin arm can scratch twice? A Japanese production of “Y-type embossing roller massage”, outgoing Advertisement Is “hammering create the perfect curve, and the ‘butterfly sleeves’ that Byebye!” Description said simply fixed to the arm massage, anywhere, anytime with its 50 massage bump particles back and forth, can achieve “the slender “functional,” pie face “butterfly sleeve,” a small family of like leg-specific. “

Doctors say: no muscle massage massage

All advocate the use of massage to achieve local Lose weight Approach, there are several errors.

First, they are all self-massage, self massage massage for you far less than others?? The muscles throughout the body with coordination, if you massage, raising his hand to his face, facial muscles that must be impact of this action, raising his hand, contraction, and massage to be carried out only under muscle relaxation effect.

In addition, the jitter type of massage has been discovered several years ago has little to do, because they just shake up and down, according to the epidermis, which really should be the acceptance of massage the muscles, the right massage should be based on muscle emission lines, together with the right gestures to massage, directional, frequency of sex, rhythm. These are not massage can be done, massage can make the skin itch, fever. The effect of passive movement

far less active sports, this truth we all know, but because of lazy, massage will always be popular.

Wearing a mask to sleep, her face would be less?

A price of 200 yuan for “far infrared ultra-thin face-mask,” the ad played really exciting language?? “Reward you a hand face.” Principle of “use of hot spring effect, strong build sweat, body sculpting to achieve the sauna effect. Such as with steam, hot weather, then the effect is more obvious face-lift.” Usage is simple, just go to bed every night wearing a “super-light texture, natural minerals with the flexibility of far-infrared radiation Fiber Materials will play a magic effect, shrinking the chin fat, eliminate double chin. “

Doctors say: He Koushui used no

“Wrap tied series,” The principle is: When the face, arm or abdomen was wrapped after the static friction will heat the skin, perspiration, causing the skin remove water. So many people try to post against Mirror A license, would feel “like really thin spots.” In fact, the subcutaneous fat cells, the already contain 70% moisture, heat, or by massage, water discharge, the cell size smaller, it will naturally feel a bit thin. Can be a drink, just “deflated” then flew down the cell pop up, so you will soon be restored to their original. The total number of fat cells will not wrap up what made you sweat less, so, by this method to lose weight is impossible.

Girls are eager to face-lift, but so far, the best way to change the face still rely on surgery, it was pumping fat, bone was grinding, and some muscles removed. Furthermore is the injection of botulinum toxin, muscle paralysis will be “deflated” This is why face will look smaller.

Eaten, “full of” candy, you do not want to eat?

“Fasting food one time, it will gradually expand in the stomach, even less money for food can be kept full of feeling. Lasts 3 to 4 months can be reduced from 10 to 14 kg.”