Bollywood Mumbai

Mumbai, the metropolitan of imaginings, is the home for the Hindi Film Industry, commonly well-known by the name of Bollywood. Celebrated as one of the leading film industry of the world, Bollywood bring into being over 1000 films annually. Indian Cinema has completed an elongated journey from uncomplicated still movies to films with the sound, then colored movies to precisely superior movies with better quality sound and colors of the present day. Bollywood got its name by merging of the word Bombay (now Mumbai) and Hollywood, Film Industry in America.

If we see the reality, Hindi films are generally ‘masala’ movies that encompasses all the elements like music, dance,drama, romance, violence etc and makes it a good entertainer. The different verbal communication of Hindi, Urdu and English are particularly frequent in Bollywood.

Collection of different ingredients of Life
If we see the facts many English movies have been made by the directors of India. The movies of Bollywood are characteristically full of music that have some or the other captivating music woven into the screenplay which makes the movies very lively and interesting. Good music and dance numbers is the chief attraction of a booming film and leaves the audience tapping their feet with joy and enthusiasm.

How the Industry Developed
The foremost soundless movie of India was Raja Harishchandra which came way back in1913 and was prepared by Dadasaheb Phalke. It progressed gradually and by the year 1930’s the Bollywood industry started making more than 200 movies each year. Alam Ara was the primary Indian movie with the soundtrack and was made by Ardeshir Irani.

* The first multicolor film of the Bollywood was released in the late 50’s. In this age, the films were dominated by splendid dreamy musicals and melodramas. The age of 1960s and beginning of 1970s gave prominence to romantic films, action and violent movies. In the middle of 1990’s, the box-office was fondled by family revolving romantic musicals once again. The superior quality, photography, novel story lines and technological quality advancement of the picture making have taken Indian cinema to grand stature.

Current Bollywood
The upcoming century fetched mammoth recognition to the Bollywood, so much so that its movies attract the viewers of all sections. Owing to its success overseas, more films are released in a foreign country and in cine-multiplexes which is the reason for big box office successes in India and abroad.