Bollywood News: A Marvelous Journey Down The 100 Years Lane of Indian Cinema

The year 2013 is to be cherished as “Indian Cinema” is celebrating it’s centenary milestone. Completing 100 glorious years of successful, memorable and transforming journey, the Hindi-language film industry evolved into the behemoth called Bollywood, since its inception in 1913.

The first ever movie to be released was Raja Harishchandra on 3rd May, 1913 by Dadasaheb Phalke, popularly known as the Father of Indian Cinema. With the introduction of sound in the movie Alam Ara (1931), Bollywood took its first baby step towards a remarkable history of 100 years, entertaining the audiences worldwide. The name ‘Bollywood’ is often misinterpreted for the whole of Indian cinema, but it is an informal term used to refer the Hindi-language film industry. It is the country’s largest film production industry. Bollywood also holds credit for being one among the largest film industry in the world.

Bollywood underwent a gradual transformation from the silent era to the present day flicks. Moving from black & white to 3D, Bollywood has maintained an air of uniqueness to itself. According to various Bollywood news sources available, Indian Cinema’ transformation is similar to any film script. After its inception in 30’s, the 40’s was a turbulent period for the industry. The 50’s and 60’s was considered as the ‘Golden Period’ of Indian cinema. Seventies marked a change with social & economic changes, which was evident in the movies pertaining to that decade. In the 80’s there was an advent of women filmmakers. And finally 90’s onwards, the film industry churned out movies related to various genres and exploring further into narrative structure, technology implied, etc.

With the world turning into a virtual global village, any Bollywood news is available with just a few clicks. At present, every mean of information, from TV to internet is flooded with Bollywood news giving facts and figures pertaining to the film industry, dating long back till the first movie made and released.

The sophistication of technology and advancements made in the film industry have made it possible for people to read Bollywood movie reviews, a brief about the movie on the internet platform before watching the movie. Bollywood movie reviews gives an added advantage to the audience by helping them decide whether a new release is worth a watch.

With new directors venturing in film-making, Bollywood has undergone a massive change. The industry is spreading wide and going the extra mile by exploring the international market. Bollywood news and Bollywood movie reviews are like the stepping platforms for the industry to reach out to international audiences.

Despite all the odds faced, Indian Cinema has successfully reflected the cultural, political, social and economic changes that took place in the nation. Hope the film industry continues entertaining the audiences in the coming years as it has been doing for the past century.
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