Booking bus tickets in Malaysia

Are you traveling to Malaysia? Have you booked your tickets for internal transport? The city is simply beautiful with amazing sceneries and splendid greenery. You need to travel by road in order to enjoy the most of it. Hiring a cab is the best option but you will have to end up paying a huge amount of money in order to make this happen. What are the other options left? Book your bus tickets to travel from one place to another in the country to enjoy a budget friendly ride without compromising on any of the beautiful sceneries on the way. You might have quite a lot of doubts troubling your mind when you think of bus journeys in an unknown country. Let us try to clear the major doubts.

How to reserve your seats

The internet has brought in great changes to the way bookings are made today. This is the generation of online shopping and internet bookings. The same has influenced the travel and tourism industry too. In order to book your tickets, you do not have to go out of your homes anymore in search of a travel operator. During the yesteryears, you could not even think of booking your tickets for the internal transportation in a foreign country. Today, you can book your bus tickets from the comfort of your homes with ease. The bus operators of Malaysia have online portals that are well maintained to provide you with all the assistance required in completing the bookings. Select the source and destination from the drop downs provided on the portal and choose the type of vehicle you want. Complete the whole process in minutes and get ready for the trip.

Is it time consuming

As already mentioned, the process of booking a ticket for your travel in Malaysia will not take up much of your time. You can get a klang sentral bus ticket or a ticket to the capital city from any other location in the country within minutes. The instruction that needs to be followed to execute the process is pretty straight forward. You do not even have to register at the website to use their services. You can proceed as a guest and complete the task. You will have to enter your contact details which might include your phone number and email address in order to get the tickets delivered. The instructions on the website will provide you with better clarity on the requirement of a hard copy of the ticket at the time of travel. Most of the portals promote the “Go Green” message and hence you will require only the soft copy of the tickets.

What are the key benefits

You will be able to enjoy quite a lot of benefits when you book your bus tickets to travel within the country. The attractive rates that you get to enjoy are one of the key factors that need special mention. You can also book tickets from the neighboring countries like Singapore through the online bus booking portals. You can book your seat in a bus from Singapore to Malacca with ease through these portals and travel to the destination without any hassle.
When you book bus tickets for your travel in Malaysia, you can be assured of comfort and savings.
[Renungan] Malam Pertama di Alam Kubur | Ustadz Adi Hidayat

Bismillah was shalatu was salamu ‘ala Rasulillah, wa ba’du,

Khalifah kaum muslimin yang keempat ketiga Utsman bin Affan radhiyallahu’anhu jika melihat perkuburan beliau menangis mengucurkan air mata hingga membasahi jenggotnya.

Suatu hari ada seorang yang bertanya:

تذكر الجنة والنار ولا تبكي وتبكي من هذا؟

“Tatkala mengingat surga dan neraka engkau tidak menangis, mengapa engkau menangis ketika melihat perkuburan?” Utsman pun menjawab, “Sesungguhnya aku pernah mendengar Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam bersabda:

إن القبر أول منازل الآخرة فإن نجا منه فما بعده أيسر منه وإن لم ينج منه فما بعده أشد منه

“Sesungguhnya liang kubur adalah awal perjalanan akhirat. Jika seseorang selamat dari (siksaan)nya maka perjalanan selanjutnya akan lebih mudah. Namun jika ia tidak selamat dari (siksaan)nya maka (siksaan) selanjutnya akan lebih kejam.” (HR. Tirmidzi, beliau berkata, “hasan gharib”. Syaikh al-Albani menghasankannya dalam Misykah al-Mashabih)

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